Thursday Challenge–Tools

Picture this…
A 14 hour journey by car from the hills to the plains. (By the way, the hill travel makes you feel queasy and sick!)
Followed by a 3 hour sleep at the guest house.
The rude alarm wakes you at the ungodly hour of 4.30 am. You get ready and rush to the Railway Station to catch the Shatabdi which takes you home in 5 hours.

So, after exactly 24 hours of travel, you reach home and a sight hits you!

An Organised Mess!

The clothes lay in a big heap on a chair. Mind you, they are not scattered everywhere around the home!
The newspapers of 5 days are seen at 5 different places… dining table, bed, sofa, under the table, bathroom…
A fine layer of dust covers everything!! Thankfully, the kitchen is neat and clean!

You call up the maid to inform her that you have ARRIVED!! But, all you get to hear is “The number you are trying to call is not reachable!”

Do you panic? No.
Do you crib? Nooo
Do you remember that your husband, before leaving for his work, had called you in the morning to say that, “Take it easy. Rest. And for heaven’s sake, don’t become a BAI!!”??… NOOOOOO

So, what next?? Without a moment’s rest or even a glass of water…

Well, you methodically start cleaning the whole place. The bedsheets are changed in all rooms, the clothes are put in the washing machine, all the scattered things are kept at their proper place, all the bathrooms are washed, the dust from all the visible places is removed and finally you even mop and swab the floors. It takes you 2 hours to give the spick and span look to your home!!

And the result… a happy and a peaceful and a very tired You!!

Now, everybody keeps their homes neat and clean. Well, not everybody, I have seen many who are never bothered about a messy home! But I guess, I am a fanatic, when it comes to cleanliness.

Now, I could have taken some rest and by evening the maid would have come and she would have done the entire cleaning routine.  Or I could have just let the place be just like that, after all nobody would be pointing any fingers at me or giving me a medal either!

But not me!

I can never sit still in a messy home. In my hearts of hearts, I know, that this is bordering OCD!
Or will it be like in some time, I’ll be able to Let Go of this cleanliness bug, just like I have learnt to Let Go so many other things in life!

I don’t know!

This is a post for this week’s Thursday Challenge, which is Tools (Cooking, Construction, Cleaning, Gardening, Repair,…).

I am very happy using my Cleaning Tools…