With Love, From Melbourne

Hi Shilpa

It’s been over 2 months since I came back from my trip to Jaipur. It was awesome meeting you. Exploring the beautiful city of Jaipur through you, was the highlight of my India trip. I still remember the good time we had in scouting the by-lanes of the wall city to get those exclusive bangles of ‘lac’ or walking so much to witness the beauty of the architecture of the palaces and forts of an era gone by or even tasting the most exotic sweets at LMB…

I am inspired to share a bit about my city… Melbourne, which is my home since the last 2 years. Having stayed all these years in Alexandra, moving to Melbourne is a big change both personally and professionally.

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria and is very populated as compared to my sleepy lil’ town of Alexandra.

Often referred to as the “cultural capital of Australia”, Melbourne is the birthplace of many cultural institutions. It is also a major centre for contemporary and traditional Australian music. Mostly, my weekends are spent watching the musicals and theatrical productions. Recently, I watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and it was simply awesome.

The best thing I like about Melbourne is the FOOD. Since, it is a cosmo city, various cultures co-exist, and thus there are a variety of eateries available everywhere…right from exotic restaurants to cafes, bistros and fine dining… all these serve diverse cuisines of the world. I am having a great time exploring and experiencing the different flavours of the world… Chinese, Lebanese, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese and Indian food too. It’s like taking a food trip around the world, but right here in Melbourne.

Ah!! Shopping! I simply love shopping here! Right from the world’s best brands to the local flavours, the malls to the bargain shopping in the by-lanes of the town, Melbourne is truly a shopper’s paradise. On September 15th, I’ll be going to the Maribyrnong Makers Market where some very talented craftsmen sell their unique and diverse handmade products. Can’t wait to shop some exquisite bags and artefacts from there!

Last month, I went to Bulla Hill Miniature Railway with a friend. It was like going back in history and also going back to our childhood. Here, we had rides in miniature steam and diesel trains! Being there was Pure Fun!!

You know, how much I love museums… they open a world of information for us and Melbourne Museum is a class apart. Currently there is a stunning exhibition going on The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia. This exhibition includes palaces and royal power, religious beliefs and rituals, burial practices and royal tombs, and the myths and legends that surround ancient Mesopotamia. Exploring the bygone era of innovation and invention was awe-inspiring. I have walked past the skeletons of the giant dinosaurs here, in the Dinosaur Walk section. Discovering and understanding how dinosaurs moved, what they ate and how they survived was so enlightening and with touch displays, one can touch dinosaur teeth, bones and fossilised poo, too!!

Melbourne… there is so much to explore… hope this excites you as it’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!’


Lots of Love


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