Evolved Bloggers!?!

People in blogosphere, well, almost all, are very courteous and friendly. There is a great camaraderie that you see among bloggers.

The bloggers visit each other’s blogs and leave their footprints in the form of comments, we all know that! You visit a new blog, like the content, leave a meaningful comment and sooner or later (one or two or three comments later), you will have the blogger visiting your blog and leaving his/her comment. This starts a series of exchange of thoughts and views, appreciation and advice on each other’s blogs. And thus, the network of bloggers visiting your blog is built.

In this network of yours, some bloggers are loyal readers and some may vanish after a few days/months. With passage of time, new bloggers get added too.

It has been seen that by and large, the bloggers reciprocate. In fact Indiblogger says that ‘reciprocation is a good thing’. So, whether, bloggers in your network are permanent or temporary, they will reciprocate i.e. read your blog and comment too.

Of course,the basic premise is that you write to be read!

However, there’s a new trend that’s visible now-a-days. The bloggers write on their blogs and have a few select readers who comment regularly. You find their blog and start reading them and leave your comments.
So, do you see them visiting your blog subsequently?

Nah! They don’t. They never visit your blog and thus never leave a comment!

Of course, you are not expecting the likes of Amitabh Bachchan to read and comment on your blog! Also the premise is that you write well and have a fair readership in the blogosphere.

While, some have gone a step further… they do not respond to your comment on their blog, howsoever intelligent your comment is. Or that’s what you assume!  Well, since you are assuming, ‘You Do Make an Ass of  U…’.  Yes, they do write back with “Awwww  and Hugs, sweetie!” only to their old blogger friends but will ignore your comment on their blog.
They don’t care for your 2 cents and what’s more, they clearly proclaim, “Buzz off! This is my domain!”

As it happens with anything, ie people, products, situations… they evolve over a period of time. Let’s take an example of a digital storage devices… the picture shows how the Digital File Storage has evolved over a period of time!
Coming back to our dear fellow bloggers, you observe that…

  • They are no longer after the rush of building a big network of bloggers to read them as is generally seen.
  • They are no longer following the ‘reciprocation’ business. They firmly believe, “I am content with what I have.”
  • Moreover, they are not courteous and friendly which is a  far cry from the general characteristics of a blogger!

Going by this logic, it is safe to say that these bloggers have evolved too!

So, are you an Evolved Blogger, yet??