It’s Raining Books…

A few days back, we had this book fair in Jaipur. Managed to find time to visit my favourite jaunt and came out with these books…
So, with this my personal collection of books by Mary Higgins Clark has reached 17! I Absolutely love her mysteries and suspense thrillers.

It’s been ages, since I read Danielle Steel. Remember reading her during college days. And haven’t read, Nora Roberts till date, so picked 2 of her books. Have read P.S. I Love You by Cecilia Ahern which was a bit sloppy for me, nevertheless liked the plot of “If you could see me now”, and thus it ended in the shopping bag too.

Then recently, I got a gift voucher from Snapdeal and I used it to buy books again.
These I handpicked based on the book-reviews from fellow bloggers on their blogs. I remember reading the review of The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards on Smita’s Blog. While Origins of Love and Witness the Night by Kishwar Desai received a rating of 9/10  on Reema’s Blog.

I have read The Zoya Factor from Anuja Chauhan and it was absolutely hilarious and a delightful read, so, expecting the same in Battle for Bittora too. Have read some 100 pages and it is living up to the expectations.

Jeffery Archer is one of my fav author so his new books are in must read category!

And of course, wanted to check out all about the famous and controversial classic, Lolita.

The books from Snapdeal are not as comprehensive as Flipkart and also the quality of books is not all that great! The Battle for Bittora and Origin of Love had dirty pages and frayed edges. When I complained about the same at Snapdeal, it was suggested that I courier the said books back but not by DTDC Couriers and then the same would had been replaced. It was too much of a hassle, so I decided to ignore the dirty look of my books and simply focussed on the content!

Also don’t like this plastering of stickers on the cover page by Snapdeal. Just spoils the look of the book. I know, it must be a policy needed for a smooth functioning at their end considering they have a big range of products, but it can be pasted elsewhere and in a neat manner!

Anyways, putting all these mild irritants aside, I have a lot of reading to do!! And I am lovin’ it!

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    • Books are surely man’s best friends.
      For me, there are some books which I like to read again and a select few again and again…
      They proudly lie in my library cupboard and love looking, reading, soaking them every now and then! 🙂

  1. I keep putting off reading Cecilia Ahern coz I feel it might be a bit sloppy and mushy mushy for my taste ..
    Lucky you .. so many good books to read .. sigh !!!!

  2. That is a bunch of reading to do lady. I haven’t read Mary Higgins at all. I guess I need to now. Currently, I am reading Train to Pakistan. And I have read both these Jeffrey Archers. I have never ordered books from snapdeal, only clothes or accessories :). Thanks for the inputs about them.

    • Try reading one Mary Higgins book and you will be hooked, if you like suspense thrillers. Haven’t read Khushwant Singh as yet!
      How are these books from J Archer… am sure they are good.
      Another irritating thing about Snapdeal (which is seen with Flipkart too) is so many couriers. I had ordered for 8 books, one got cancelled after placing the order… so for 7 books, I got 5 couriers in a span of a week. I mean, until and unless the person specifies urgent, what’s the need to send so many couriers… I don’t understand the logic behind so many couriers. 😐

  3. Wow!! I am really jealous of your collection of books!! Me being a die-hard book lover,its bliss to my eyes to see so many of them!! In my school days I used to keep story-books(yes!thats what we called them then)by putting them inside my larger text books n pretend as if I was studing!!
    Now,since I am married 1 n half yrs and working as a trainee CS fulltime,I hardly get time to read..Really wanna go back to the times of reading..
    You are so right about the flipkart delivering so many times..its a bit embarrassing in office when I got a new courier every other day for the 4 books I ordered!!
    Want to read Marry Higgins too!!

    • LOL, you must see my library cupboard then! A few months back, got a big new cupboard which has only books, coz the earlier one was not sufficient enough. My prized collection it is! 🙂
      I know, work pressures and home management can take a lot of time… I used to read a lot during my daily travel in Mumbai locals! You’ll have to find time to read, if you love doing so! 🙂

  4. Wow a really nice collection 🙂 I wish I could also go on a book buying spree but I have to refrain, lack of real estate to keep them is driving me crazy. 🙁

  5. WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I first thought the collection was at the book fair. That’s a good buy. I was a voracious reader of novels. Now i do read, but love books by Indian authors and most of the times these days i read history books. Happy reading to you and will wait for your reviews.

  6. amazingggggggggggggg!!!! that’s some collection!

    mary higgins, ive never read, you’ve tempted me to read her!

    have read both the jeffery archers.. *only time will tell* is really good…*a prisoner of birth* is my personal fav..

    i do regularly read danielle steel..havent read this one, my personal fav is *no greater love*,and *the wedding*…

    though a little mushy sometimes, but i loved reading sydney sheldon as long as he was alive..

    • Thanks Harshita! I like reading romance too, but I alternate it between various genres. Thrillers are my all time favorites, though! Will check out your romantic stories!! 🙂

  7. Lovely collection of books. Even I like Mary Higgins, J. Archer, Danielle Steel and PS I love you is my favorite, I also have seen the movie many times.
    Happy Reading!!
    The touch and smell of a new book feels so wonderful.

  8. Shilpa,

    I have got back to my reading habit courtesy some of my friends like you here. I am not that fast but do enjoy reading now. I pick up books from our club library. I will surely like to lay my hands on some of these books.

    Take care

  9. Oh wow shilpa!! I envy your collection…I miss flipkart and my library back in India 🙁 Ah the feeling of flipping pages and that smell of books, old/new,I really miss them. A Kindle does not give that complete feeling.
    Enjoy Maadi 🙂

    • Thks Reshma! I know, nothing can match the pleasure of reading a book while curling up in bed, which cannot be experienced with e-books. I have so many e-books on my Tab, but just can’t make myself sit and read on it!
      Have you tried

  10. Happy reading! I’m going to a book sale this weekend and I can’t wait for it. I’m gonna be lugging back a bag full of books like you did :-)Ah, booklovers galore..

  11. Try reading

    1) Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts ( A must have collection)

    2) Maximum City by Suketu Mehta ( if you love and hate Bombay)

    3) Sacred Games by Vikram chandra ( fiction if u believe it! )

  12. I usually dont buy the books…I get them from a public library…And the Singapore library system is a heaven for book lovers….Amazing collection, one per every area, a good online system, facilities to reserve the books etc….Its amazing!

  13. Wow so many books to read 🙂 I am so J of you right now. I barely have time to eat and sleep these days.
    I love Mary higgins clark too. Have you read the author ‘Jonathan Kellerman’ ot ‘Michael Connelley’. Do give them a try if you like mysteries.

    • LOL 😀
      Wow, you love Mary Higgins Clark too!!
      Have read Micheal Connelley but havent read J Kellerman. Will keep it in mind and check it out next time! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  14. The sight of so many books waiting to be read is always exciting to me, Shilpa, so I can imagine how you feel. Of late, I’m trying to switch over to e-books only because our book shelves are bursting at the seams!
    Thanks for the heads up on Snapdeal. I hate new books that are in a bad condition. 🙁 Flipkart is truly amazing with regard to delivery and reliability.

    • Aah! Even I have been wanting to take up e-books seriously, but somehow it just doesn’t happen! A page or two and I just can’t go beyond, I don’t why and how this happens, though with books, I can be glued to them for hours! 😛
      Flipkart is certainly better in service!

  15. I wish I could read more books. These days, I don’t read fiction much but want to read more of non-fiction. I have a couple of books that I bought long back, but I have not opened them till now! Need to allocate some time for this. BTW, what do you think about Kindle/reading from tablets?

    Destination Infinity

    • Non-fiction is somehow not my cup of tea! 😛
      Which non-fiction are you reading these days?
      Kindle is on my wish list, though have a Tab and have downloaded quite a few e-books on it, but somehow, I can’t read beyond 2-3 pages on my Tab, which is so weird. But I do plan to overcome this e-book reading shyness! 😀

    • I will look forward to your views about the book. I am pretty sure you are going to love it. Also, you can start with memoirs like Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mehmoody or Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat and the likes.

    • Yes, have read a lot of MHC and DS during college days and reading such books again amidst thrillers and Indian Authors is definitely refreshing. Thanks, am enjoying and soaking in the world of these books 🙂

  16. Hey, thanks for linking my blog. I loved both the books by Kishwar Desai. Quite page turners. I was wondering what those white stickers were. Besides, I too went for a Book Sale recently and came back with a bunch, yet to post on the blog though. But I so, so love Book Sales. They don’t have many in Pune 🙁 I jump to whichever I come to know.

    • A big thanks to you, Reema for recommending these books. Its wonderful to buy books which are good to read. There have been times, when have picked up books based on the cover story and they were so bad that it was difficult to finish reading them. That certainly leaves a bad taste in mouth. So, now, mostly, I buy books based on reviews from fellow bloggers! I love book sales too… Last year there was this National Book Fair (I guess, this fair is organised in all major cities), had picked up so many hard covers from there!

  17. Heylo! 🙂

    It’s my first tme here and I loved loved looking at your books. It mus tbe so exciting to get so many books at once and then spend a good amount of time deciding where to start and then get further excited. I’d love to read how you enjoyed them!
    Happy reading! 🙂

    • Welcome here kismitoffeebar! 🙂
      Yeah, book lovers get a kind of high on seeing their favorites! And yes, it’s tough to choose from so many available choices. Thanks 🙂

  18. Even i love reading and collecting novels..there is nothing in the world like the smell of a new book..I just have around 70 of them right now from various authors…glad to see some1 as passionate about a collection 🙂 keep reading…..