It’s Raining Books…

A few days back, we had this book fair in Jaipur. Managed to find time to visit my favourite jaunt and came out with these books…
So, with this my personal collection of books by Mary Higgins Clark has reached 17! I Absolutely love her mysteries and suspense thrillers.

It’s been ages, since I read Danielle Steel. Remember reading her during college days. And haven’t read, Nora Roberts till date, so picked 2 of her books. Have read P.S. I Love You by Cecilia Ahern which was a bit sloppy for me, nevertheless liked the plot of “If you could see me now”, and thus it ended in the shopping bag too.

Then recently, I got a gift voucher from Snapdeal and I used it to buy books again.
These I handpicked based on the book-reviews from fellow bloggers on their blogs. I remember reading the review of The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards on Smita’s Blog. While Origins of Love and Witness the Night by Kishwar Desai received a rating of 9/10  on Reema’s Blog.

I have read The Zoya Factor from Anuja Chauhan and it was absolutely hilarious and a delightful read, so, expecting the same in Battle for Bittora too. Have read some 100 pages and it is living up to the expectations.

Jeffery Archer is one of my fav author so his new books are in must read category!

And of course, wanted to check out all about the famous and controversial classic, Lolita.

The books from Snapdeal are not as comprehensive as Flipkart and also the quality of books is not all that great! The Battle for Bittora and Origin of Love had dirty pages and frayed edges. When I complained about the same at Snapdeal, it was suggested that I courier the said books back but not by DTDC Couriers and then the same would had been replaced. It was too much of a hassle, so I decided to ignore the dirty look of my books and simply focussed on the content!

Also don’t like this plastering of stickers on the cover page by Snapdeal. Just spoils the look of the book. I know, it must be a policy needed for a smooth functioning at their end considering they have a big range of products, but it can be pasted elsewhere and in a neat manner!

Anyways, putting all these mild irritants aside, I have a lot of reading to do!! And I am lovin’ it!