500th Post! Oh My God!!

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This is the 500th post on this blog! When I thought about it, my first reaction was Oh My God!
Over the past few days, I have experienced this OMG with varying expressions, with reference to my blog’s milestone achievement!

I could churn out 500 posts in three and a half years, which are mainly some garbled thoughts and loads of pictures. And that there are some wonderful people who read what I write here made me say OMG with a Surprise!

Did I write that?? Oh, I blogged about this!” These were some thoughts that came to my mind when I read my old posts. The incidents or the people or the places that I mentioned, took me back in time and the memories came live in front of me! I am glad that I wrote about so many things and these memories are warming me up from inside. I smile and say OMG with Nostalgia!

When I started blogging in May 2009, the encouragement, feedback and support that I got from fellow bloggers is something that I will cherish always! The initial challenges I faced when working on the blogger…how to insert a new widget on the blog or how to centralise a picture, or how to get the HTML code… the solutions to all the silly and simple queries were provided by the friendly bloggers then. And today when I thought about them, most of them have quit blogging or are not so very regular on the blogging scene or that our paths crossed and parted, made me say OMG with Sadness!

What all has gone in writing these 500 posts?? There are Monday’s Microwave Magic (Oops, there’s only one post in this category), Ten on Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesdays, Thursday Challenges, Friday’s 55 Fiction and now recently Saturday’s Spine Poetry! The fact that I have a special post for all the days of the week, made me say OMG with Amusement!

This blog is my space and I am so very proud of it. ThanksIt’s a place where I can share so much and I have the love and affection of so many bloggers whom I have never met in real life. Their encouragement and advices, wishes and suggestions, help me grow and learn so much. Thinking about all the wonderful people out there who visit this space and thanking you all from the bottom of my heart, makes me say OMG with Admiration!

500 Posts is super cool and I am glad that I achieved this blogging milestone! And this makes me say OMG with Excitement!
500 posts

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