Ten On Tuesday – 26


10 Excuses Reasons  Why Couldn’t I Write a Nice Post Today
  1. I am plain lazy. I guess, it’s the weather. Now, this is a wonderful excuse…blame it on the weather. Oh, by the way, there is a song by the same lyrics!
  2. I am thoroughly uninspired. Everything is regular around me at the moment. That reminds me of something I read somewhere… when our life is regular and routine, we crib about it and when our regular life is disturbed we yearn to go back to our comfortable boring life!
  3. I wanted to write something spectacular, though I haven’t written anything spectacular for a long time now. Also, I have no clue about what I want to write
  4. My Google Reader keeps adding new blog posts every 10 minutes. I am happy reading what others have written. And let me tell you, that bloggers are an extremely talented lot. Everybody has a different or a new viewpoint on everything! Pretty impressive that is, now!
  5. My maid is taking leave tomorrow and I am worried about the work load that I will have tomorrow at my hands.
  6. I have more important things to do like daydream about the future and the very next moment get daymares too (yeah they are nightmares seen in broad day light!). Then, I also need to help Aaryan to understand the instructions of the new game that he has downloaded. The clothes need to be taken inside from the clothes drying rack otherwise the dew will dampen them…
  7. There are too many distractions at the moment… Aaryan’s Angry Birds are making angry noises on his Tablet, there are sounds of elephants trumpeting on television which no one is watching at the moment, KG is making some weekend plans over the phone with a friend and my ears are getting pulled in his direction, the honking of the cars on the street outside…
  8. Taking time to write makes me feel guilty. I get a feeling that I am neglecting my child. Though my child is having a rocking vacation. This is exactly what he said in the morning when his boarding school friend cum bunk bed partner from Kolkata called.
  9. I am not well. (Gosh, this is sounding too dramatic even to my ears!) A rash has developed on my forehead. The doctor said, it’s an allergy and now it has caused swelling on my forehead and nose too! No pain and no irritation but whenever KG is looking at me, he has a worried look and Aaryan is quick to point out my new grey hair and dark spots too!
  10. My grey cells are exhausted, in other words, my brain is progressing towards… umm… towards… Oh, my grey cells are exhausted. Period.

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