The New Oil in Our Kitchen

KG, my best half has a passion for cooking. He creates amazing magic in the kitchen, never mind the mess he creates though. His free time is spent either in kitchen cooking something or watching the cookery shows. Rice Bran Oil is frequently used by international cookery show chefs. This was something that has still not made its entry in our kitchen.When I read about theβ€˜Fortune Rice Bran Health’ review at Blogadda. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to experiment with it in our kitchen and see how it turns out to be.Last Sunday, KG prepared Fried Pork Frankfurters and Prawns for breakfast.

In a pan, add a tiny drizzle of Fortune Rice Bran Oil.
DSC_0750Add the pork sausages cut into small pieces along with chopped garlic and cook, turning every minute or two, until nice and brown on all sides
DSC_0753Add some dried sage and parsley and toss it for a few more minutes. Take them out of the pan.
DSC_0758Add a few prawns to the oil and stir fry them for a few minutes.
DSC_0764Serve them with mustard or chilli sauce.

In the evening, KG also made, Chicken Curry with Rice Bran Oil which looked like this…
I have used Rice Bran Oil in cooking vegetables and even made paranthas with it. We use Fortune Refined Soyabean Oil for our regular cooking. And KG uses Ghee or Mustard Oil for the non-veg cooking. After cooking food with Fortune Rice Bran Oil, there was not any noticeable difference in taste and smell when compared with our regular oil. In fact, KG who is very particular about the tastes and flavours and is quick to note any difference, said that food cooked in Rice Bran Oil tastes no different than our regular oil. It has no virtually no smell.

Also the health benefits associated with Rice Bran Oil, chiefly in decreasing cholesterol, protecting from heart diseases, cleaning blood vessels, enhancing immune system and nervous system and it being good for skin, are convincing enough to switch from our regular oil to Rice Bran Oil.

Cost wise also it is similar to our regular oil. Soybean Oil costs Rs 110 for a litre while Rice Bran Oil costs Rs 115 per litre.

So for cooking for frying, Fortune Rice Bran Oil is the new oil in our kitchen.

‘I am reviewing healthy heart oil as a part of the BlogAdda’s Product Review Program for Indian Bloggers.’

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