The Weekend That Was…

15th Feb saw us celebrating our 16th anniversary! In the evening, kid and I had a conversation which reads like this :

He : Ma, please bake a cake for me.
Me : Baby, not today.
He : Please, I need it today and I want it to be heart shaped. (He knows we have a heart shaped Borosil baking tray).
Me : Why do you want the cake today?
He : Please bake one and I can’t tell you anything else.

Promptly I baked a Chocolate Brownie Cake from the ready to bake mix in 30 minutes. He saw it and smiled appreciatively. Next he asked if we had Amul fresh cream. No, I replied. “Can you pls give me money for that?”. I watched him with amusement as I saw a face which was laced with determination, fun and secrecy.

While, KG and I were discussing the happenings of the day , he goes into the kitchen and locks it from inside. 15 minutes later, he enters the room with this in his hands…
On the heart shaped brownie, he had spread a layer of fresh cream and on that he sprinkled some crushed Oreo biscuits.

And among “Awws” and kisses and hugs, we cut the cake. A special day made very special by our child!

I have been thinking of getting the 3 of us captured in a frame by a professional for some time. So, this Saturday, we decided to get ourselves clicked at a studio. My sister suggested that I should get my hair tamed a bit and some basic make-up done from a salon. I bought the idea and went to the salon. A bill of Rs 1200 later, the reflection in the mirror was something that I didn’t like at all. Though all at the salon tried to convince me otherwise. A second time at the salon for make-up after the wedding was a fiasco! The silent stare from the kid and a quick glance in my direction from KG and then his eyes stayed focused on the traffic and road ahead, did wonders to my already agitated state. Anyways, we smiled and posed and got ourselves clicked. A quick look on the camera screen and we okayed one shot. The picture will be ready tomorrow and I am so not looking forward to it. Lesson learnt, ‘Keep it simple’. Later, KG said, “You look beautiful without the artificial make-up”, made my day!

On Sunday morning, I saw an update on Facebook which said, “Special 26, what a movie. Hall mey sabka hans hans ke bura haal ho gaya”. Wow, this is the movie for Aaryan, we thought. Aaryan loves comedy movies and he laughs the loudest and the longest too at such movies. So, promptly we booked our tickets. After a hearty lunch at the Pizza Hut we settled ourselves to watch Special 26. At intermission, KG asked me, “Was that status update about Special 26?”. I said yes, but still checked it again on my phone. We didn’t find the movie hilarious and nor did the rest of the people in the cinema hall. The movie is very good and is gripping and has a few funny moments but nothing which can be classified as “sabka hans hans ke bura haal ho gaya”. Our poor child didn’t like the movie at all as he didn’t understand the concept of fake raids etc. So much for trusting a status update!!

What kept you busy this weekend??

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