F?@k Knows

Title: F?@k KnowsFk Knows
Author: Shailendra Singh
Publisher: Rupa
ISBN: 978-81-291-2388-6
Number of Pages: 234
Price [INR] : 195
Genre: Non-Fiction

Review : I have a love-hate relationship with non-fiction and/or self help books. It is not that I don’t like reading these books, I like them, after all you get to learn a thing or two. But it is just that reading a non-fiction book requires more concentration. Also, they tend to be a bit more heavy with some complex concepts when compared to a fiction which is usually a light breezy read.

When I read the overview of the book and about the author my curiosity was piqued. F?@k Knows is a debut book of Shailendra Singh who is the Joint Managing Director of Percept Limited. I have read about him in newspapers and magazines, so this further added to my interest level in reading this book. But when I read the book summary, I knew that this book is different. And after reading the Disclaimer and How to read this book and Preface, all the remaining doubts just vanished out of the window.

A smile, a chuckle, nodding of head in agreement, Hmmm, Aha!, Yess!!…. these were the only expressions my face had while reading this book. Written in a simple and lucid language, the hard hitting facts of life are laced with humour and wit. The light hearted tone adopted to share the profound gyaan and every such gyaan being explained with the author’s personal life example makes the gyaan easy to accept and understand.

The 234 paged book has some 73 chapters with the average length of a chapter being just 3 pages. The life’s lessons packed with humour and interesting anecdotes, makes F?@k Knows a page turner with some thought provoking messages.

Some of the takeaways from this book..

  • Make a Yearly/Monthly/Daily F?@k It List : Plan every moment of your life in a manner that gives you maximum happiness and maximum satisfaction. Monitor the P&L account of your life as diligently as you balance the P&L account of your company. Get life, before it gets you.
  • Your gut is always right. Follow your gut.
  • You better speak up, before you are eaten up.
  • Who are your two and a half friends?
  • Khud khushi or self happiness. Our happiness is in our control. Here the author mentioned that ‘he is always smiling and you can see it in all the photos.’ I immediately googled him and Bingo! All the pictures on Google Images showed a smiling Shailendra Singh! Was I impressed!
  • Just Do it! vis-a-vis Just Done It! Stop thinking, start doing.
  • Replace ‘Have to’ with ‘Want to’.
  • Answer “Who are you? And what do you want?”. You can even send in your answers to your these 2 questions at ssfckknows@gmail.com. The author won’t judge you or even comment but will remind you at appropriate time about your goals! How cool is that!

Overall, the book has some very interesting and important learnings which can be applied in our daily life very easily. The book is not at all stuffy or preachy. Go for it, to understand some of the life’s lessons and wisdom in a fun and an entertaining way.

Rating : 4/5

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