Sunsilk Perfect Straight : Review

I have shoulder length hair as seen in the profile pic on this blog. As you can see, the hair are neither straight nor curly but wavy and these hair have a mind of their own. They curl and twirl in any direction and if not tamed well and timely, they have the power to scare a small child! OK, the last part is an exaggeration, but you get what I mean.

When I read about the Sunsilk’s New Product Range , which says…
Love Straight Baal?
Lock Karo!
Rock Karo!
Now straight hair stays in perfect shape even as it dries!

This product seemed like a dream come true for my hair. I wanted to try this shampoo and conditioner to tame my unruly hair.

I washed my hair with Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and then used the Perfect Straight Conditioner. Waited patiently as the hair dried. Both the packs said “Keeps hair fully aligned as it dries”. The hair dried after a while and the result… I didn’t see any noticeable change and my hair had the same wavy look.

I took a second opinion from my sister (she was not aware that I had used the Perfect Straight shampoo). Her response, “Your hair has a good bounce!”

I was not disheartened, I thought, may be with regular use, I would see the change. Also, I read on Facebook somebody mentioned that her hair remained straight for 2 days with this shampoo. Motivated by this, next day, I oiled my hair and then washed with the duo. I had to use a larger quantity to remove the traces of oil. I read the instructions on the conditioner pack, to see if I was doing it wrong, but no, there weren’t any special instructions, just the regular ones. The result… the hair smelt good, had a soft and smooth feel but did it give me that perfect straight look? The answer is NO! I had the same wavy hair as before!

Used the shampoo and conditioner pair for the third time, and then the fourth and then the fifth… The results with my hair were not what the packaging or the advertisements claimed.

Though I am disappointed but I believe this product is not designed for wavy hair. May be it is for people who have straight hair and/ or with slight curls. I don’t know, if using the Serum for the same would help.

Product : Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo & Conditioner
Net Vol : 80 & 90 ml respectively
MRP : Rs. 56 each

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