D is for… Dear Guest


Atithi Devo Bhavah or the ‘Guest is the God’ is the mantra which is actually a sort of  ‘code of conduct’ or the the Host-Guest relationship in India. We, as a family, are the bestest hosts and firmly believe in the above. Don’t believe that, ask our friends or better still come and stay with us! So, while we are great at entertaining our guests, and abide by the above code of conduct, do you think the guests aka the God should also be following some code of conduct??

I believe, Yes! Here’s a missive from the hosts to the guests…

Dear Guest

They say that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. While we are very accommodating and supportive, there are a certain things you should try doing as per our Rome.

When we hurriedly rush to the shoe rack to get a pair of slippers for you, by that we mean that we expect you to wear slippers inside our home, and not roam bare feet especially in the bathroom. And when we insist you to wear slippers, please respect our wish even if you never do that at your home!

By the neat and clean look of our base ie home and a few minutes of observations and interactions, we are sure you get the idea that we are a hygiene conscious family. While we appreciate your enthusiasm to help us in the kitchen, we would appreciate your help with a smile (and not through gritted teeth) if you’d wash your hands before touching anything in the kitchen.

We have opened the doors of our home for you to stay with us comfortably. But even for a minute, please don’t consider our home as your hotel room. The wet towel has to find its way on the clothes line in the balcony and not on the bed.

The suitcase which has been dragged on the dirty railway platforms, the washrooms of the airports or through the muddy road CANNOT be placed on the bed or on the centre table. Period!

Picking up your heap of discarded clothes on the bathroom floor might be your wife’s favorite chore. Please don’t expect your hostess to do your wifely duties even for a second!

You think that it is ok to wipe the dust off your shoes with the hand towel when nobody is looking. Please think again, we, especially your hostess, is a very good detective!

We understand your quirkiness for food and beverages. If your child drinks ONLY Boost and cannot have Bournvita which incidentally we use, how about you carrying a small 10 grams pouch of the brand of your choice? We can afford the pouches too but we aren’t aware of your preference AND we do not wish to be made to feel guilty for not having your brand at 11 pm!!

We love our big collection of books. The notice on our library cupboard which reads : “Our Policy : No Lending or Borrowing of Books”, which incidentally you read it aloud, is for guests like you and is certainly not applicable to us. Please note that it is not a subtle hint but a very explicit and in your face statement. Let’s not embarrass each other on this one, please.

As you must have observed in your life that not very many people open the doors of their homes and heart, gladly and cheerfully for others. But we do! While we strive to make you at home, it would be good on your part to make us happy too.

So when are we meeting next??

Best Wishes
Your Hosts