L is for… Love is…

I came to know about Love and it’s meaning as a kid (or a teen) when I read the Love is… series by Kim Casali in an English newspaper. Everyday, the first thing that I’d see in the newspaper is this comic strip. This super cute comic strip with its two cute characters everyday shared with us that every opportunity of life is worth living and that love makes the world go round

The characters have been featured in various stages of romance: just meeting, boyfriend/girlfriend and husband/wife. I remember cutting these comic strips every day and pasting it in a ruled notebook. This went on for a while. I used to read them every now and then and commit the messages to memory for future use.

I visit the Love is… website, browse through it every now and then and these messages never fail to bring a smile or a memory or a thought or a plan…

Sharing some of the Love is… messages for you!

Do you remember reading this comic strip or still read it??