V is for… Virtual Friend = Real Friend?

Virtual friends are those people whom you have met online. Many people believe that virtual friends are not real friends. And that’s because you have not met in real life so you cannot be truly connected to be categorized as real friends. I would have agreed to the above some time ago but not anymore.

Given the times that we live in, we are no longer surrounded by family, extended family and friends.

But with technology in our hands, we have built a big network of online friends. These could be through our Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Online Communities… These are our virtual friends with whom we connect more frequently and more deeply.

Though, we may not have met them in person but we feel more closer and connected with each other than some of our real life friendships. Their messages of support and encouragement, affection and smiles, truly warms our hearts.virtual-vs-real

It does not matter whether our friend is sitting next to us or is thousands of miles away. Friendship is all about connecting with someone with whom we can share our life, thoughts, feelings, frustrations, insecurities…

Through our words and pictures we get to know more about each other. Of course, like any other relationship, we need to build and put in efforts, stay connected and have commitment in our virtual friendship too.

Whatever interactions I have had with virtual friends in real life reiterates one thing for me that I am glad that our paths crossed. I cherish my virtual friends and would love to meet them in real life too.

Do you believe that virtual friends can be real friends?
Would you like to take your virtual friendships to the next level by meeting in real life?
Image Courtesy : Google Images