May Photo A Day : Day 15 : 7 O’Clock

I scanned my photo archives and there was nothing that could mark 7 o’clock. I thought of capturing something on TV at 7 pm and that moment passed as some guests dropped in at that time.

A mild panic attack struck me at around 7.30 pm but then I took some deep breaths and remembered Jyothi Nair’s comment during our chat on Facebook earlier in the day when we were brainstorming for today’s prompt.

Immediately, I went out to a shop in the neighborhood and asked for my object of desire.

So, here I am with my 7 o’clock picture which is courtesy Jyothi’s idea. Thanks for rescuing me today, Jyothi 🙂

This is the 7 o’clock razor blade which found its way in our home for the first time. KG has never used this type of blade for shaving thus there was never a need to buy it. But, my father still uses these blades and incidentally 7 o’clock is the brand he favours.

I remember, as kids (my sisters and I), these blades were kept away from our reach. We were never allowed to even touch them. Yes, we have over-protective parents!

But we used to enjoy sharpening our pencils with these blades as there were a couple of girls in class who always carried them in their pencil boxes.

Then in one of our art class we were taught about blade painting. In this, an art work is created by using razor blades instead of regular brushes. It was an innovative form of painting for us then and we enjoyed it thoroughly. I believe now-a-days, some special knives are used for the then blade paintings.

As we grew a bit older, we were allowed to use these razor blades to cut thermocol for art and craft things. Today’s push-lock cutters or thermocol cutting knives had not made an entry then in the stationary shops.

I remember, a school mate had made an artwork of some super man kind of character by pasting small strips of razor blades all over it.

So many memories attached with a razor blade!! LOL 😀

This post is a part of May Photo A Day.