May Photo A Day : Day 17 : Season

It’s the Mango Season, here!!

Summer in India is synonymous with the mango season.

Come summers and all we see are the different varieties of mangoes in the market.

Don’t we all love mangoes! I am yet to meet somebody who doesn’t like mangoes.

That feeling when the teeth sink into the soft, sweet, juicy fruit can be described only as sheer bliss.

Tantalizing all the taste buds, luscious, succulent and sinfully delicious, mango is rightfully hailed as the king of fruits. I believe, a mango is best enjoyed when one is oblivious to the dripping juice or the mess!

Mangoes are not only available in several varieties but it can be consumed in various forms too. Kairi Paana from raw mangoes, the sweet or sweet/sour Jam and Chutney, Mango Shake, Flavoured Curd, Aam Ras, Mango Lassi, Salad, Pickles, Ice-creams, Tarts… the choices are endless. I have heard some people make a mango vegetable curry too.

Here are the mangoes and the its various formsΒ  (Kairi Paana, Sweet Jam, Sweet / Sour Chutney) from my kitchen today…DSC_0572

Which is your favorite mango variety / form / dish?

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