May Photo A Day : Day 19 : My Favourite View

My home is my castle. And I have an OCD for keeping it spic and span, neat and clean at all points of time. Don’t believe that!?

Hope this case in point explains… After some 16 hours of bone breaking bus journey (Shimla to Jaipur), the first thing that I do after a cup of tea is, clean my home. I may wait for the cook to come, even an hour after the eleventh hour but I would never wait for the cleaning maid.

So, right from changing the bed-sheets in all the rooms, keeping all the things at their proper places, sweeping, swabbing the floor, dusting all the things, washing all the dirty clothes, washing/cleaning the bathrooms, I prefer to do all this on my own.

KG firmly believes that I was a maid in my past life and her spirit still resides in me.

I think doing things in and around the home is therapeutic for me.

When I am working on some report or even writing a blog post and I am stuck for ideas, all I have do is leave my laptop and move around in the home, pick clothes, wipe the dust off the glass table or refill water bottles… Bingo! 5 minutes later I am back to finish the pending report or post.

A neat and clean look of my home which fills me with immense satisfaction, pride and happiness is my favourite view.


This post is a part of May Photo A Day.