May Photo A Day : Day 26 : Fave Thing To Do On Sunday…

When you have a husband whose passion for cooking and eating good food runs very high, who loves to explore new dishes and enjoys eating them with equal gusto…… the best thing you can do is to leave the kitchen in his able hands. No, it is certainly not possible on all days. No, it is not because he has work to do. But that’s because, my kitchen and my maids would not be able to handle the daily aftermath of a hurricane hit kitchen.

The kitchen is all his on Sundays. Right from breakfast to lunch or sometimes brunch and then dinner… he decides the menu and cooks too.

As for me, I either assist him by handing him the pots and pans, ingredients or books or simply sit and enjoy television or play games on laptop or read. Yes, I am lucky that way.

I get respite from thinking about the most irksome and perennial question, “What should I cook?” and also remain stress-free, for the food that is served is not under scanner. For a passionate chef like KG the food has to awesome and amazing, delicious and delectable ALL the time!

So, my fave thing to do on Sunday is to give the reins of the kitchen to KG and sit back and enjoy the dishes he dishes out…

This is clicked on one Sunday of 2011…


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