Salvation of a Saint

Title : Salvation of a Saint
Author : Keigo Higashino
Publisher : Hachette India
ISBN : 978-0-3491-3934-0
Number of Pages : 377
Price [INR] : 350
Genre: Crime Fictionsalvation-of-a-saint

Overview: When a man is discovered dead by poisoning in his empty home his beautiful wife, Ayane, immediately falls under suspicion. All clues point to Ayane being the logical suspect, but how could she have committed the crime when she was hundreds of miles away? As Tokyo police detective Kusanagi tries to unpick a seemingly unrelated sequence of events he finds himself falling for Ayane. When his judgement becomes dangerously clouded his assistant must call on an old friend for help; it will take a genius to unravel the most spectacular web of deceit they have ever faced.

Review : I have read the author’s first book The Devotion of Suspect X which was a fast paced murder mystery and was simply unputdownable. When I got an opportunity to read and review Keigo Higashino’s second book, Salvation of a Saint, I was thrilled.

With high expectations, I started reading Salvation of a Saint and I was hooked after the first few pages. There are some similarities between the two books. Both the books have the quirky physics professor Manabu Yukawa, the “Detective Galileo”  who reviews all the evidence the cops have gathered and keeps proposing theories till one of them works out. However, in the second book, Detective Kusanagi and Kishitani are supported by a new lady detective Utsumi who relies a lot on her female intuition.

Just like The Devotion of Suspect X, in the very first chapter of Salvation of a Saint, the motive of the killer is known and in the second chapter a man is dead.

The book is like a jig-saw puzzle, where the reader knows the larger picture but has to arrange the smaller pieces so as to form the picture. Essentially it means that while you know who the killer is but you are trying to decipher clues and figure out how this perfect crime was committed. And you keep turning page after page to solve the mystery which unravels itself towards the very end.

The story line is novel and the characterization is good. The language is crisp and the narration flows easily.

A few things that really intrigued me in this story and it makes you wonder about the deceit and the dark thoughts that can be harbored in a human mind without anybody knowing about it for so long.

Overall a book which will compel you to keep reading till the mystery is solved.

Rating : 4/5

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