Dec 2009

It was a cold evening. I was driving back home when I saw this woman, standing beside her car. I could see that she was so very distraught with worry and stress. Woman looking at smoking car engineAs she looked helplessly once again at the machinery under the bonnet, I stopped by and asked her, “Can I help you?”

She looked at me gratefully and stepped aside.

I looked at all the terminals and the clamp connections and then I saw a leakage in the cooling system. Since it was a something beyond my expertise with the cars, I called up my mechanic, Jay.

Jay assured that the tow truck would arrive in 15 minutes. I suggested that we grab some coffee, just across the road. Her eyes showed a slight hesitation but soon gave way to a smile.

Her phone was dead, so she made a call to her husband from my phone.

We chatted for a while about this and that and soon Jay came with his tow truck. I offered to stay with her, till her husband arrived but she insisted that I left as it was getting late.

“You are a real trooper. I can’t thank you enough, but you must leave now”, she said with finality.

As I said my goodbye to her, she smiled warmly at me.

Jan 2014

I am meeting my prospective in-laws for the first time today. While, the dad-in-law is a bit wary of me and is sizing me up. I must say, his silence is driving me crazy. The mother-in-law though also, hasn’t spoken a word, but her warm smile is giving me a lot of comfort.

“So, young man, tell us about yourself?”, boomed the old man’s voice.

Before, I could say anything, my MIL said with that trademark warm smile, “He is a real trooper and is perfect for our daughter.”

As I absorbed her words, and tried to make sense of it, I looked at her deeply and in that very instant, I realized, it’s a small world!!


This is a fiction written for the Write Tribe’s Wednesday Prompt 2014 #2 It’s a small world

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