Drink Beer for Big Ideas

A few days ago, a friend narrated an incident from his office. The Projects team and the consulting agency were brainstorming for a new project.  They spent considerable time discussing the pros and cons of the various ideas but none appealed to the big boss. Since, it was something urgent, they couldn’t postpone it for the next day. It was afternoon and they all appeared tired but not defeated. While they were forcing their grey cells to come up with some fresh thoughts and ideas, the consultant suggested that they go out for a couple of beers. Almost every one in the room was shocked at the outrageous idea and some even thought that he had lost it.

But the consultant with his years of experience knew what he was talking about. He convinced the 4 member team to step out of the office for drinks. Strictly beer, he reminded them.

An hour later, when they returned back to the meeting room, the ideas flowed freely and some were really creative which were approved by the boss immediately.

I asked my friend about the rationale of having beers at work hours and how it boosted their productivity. He mentioned something about creativity. I wanted to ask him more about it, but my questions were drowned in the crib fest started by the rest of the group. They whined about his good luck of having beer during work hours and how they wanted the same to happen in their organizations too.

Don’t know about them, but the word creativity and its linkage to beer, piqued  my interest sufficiently to seek answers from Google the God.

And as usual the God did not disappoint, in fact  it shattered a lot of myths and also explained why the consultant was right in taking the team out for beer. Check out this infographic to believe it.

Beer and Coffee

So, next time you experience writer’s block or are stuck for creative ideas for a blog post or a story, or need big ideas for anything, you know where to head. Cheers folks!

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