Happiness Project : September

Since the last three days, I was facing terrible internet connectivity. After stabbing the refresh button for a while with the same results, “This webpage is not available”, I accepted the situation, calmly. Now how did an internet junkie like me accept this ghastly situation so easily!

Well, a few days ago, I had read about acceptance and emotional adulthood and how our reaction to a thing/situation changes our outlook towards it. Sounds mumbo-jumbo? Allow me to explain with an example. When we are faced with some uncertainty and we are not able to accept it, it turns into fear, but when we go for trekking or do rafting or bungee jumping, uncertainty is present at each an every step, but we accept it as part and parcel of the whole package and it becomes adventure. Similarly, if somebody has hurt us and we don’t accept it, it turns into hatred. But when we accept this hurt, it turns into forgiveness. So, it’s all about how you look at things.

To cut long story short, instead of whining, sulking or making life hell for the customer care for messing up with one of my life-lines, I calmly accepted the internet issue and focussed on books.

These past few months, I had barely read anything. So, I shut down the laptop and opened my library cupboard and read 10 books in three days! Do I hear an appreciative whistle? Well, even I am pretty impressed with my reading spree. And while, I was on it and forming a pile of unread books and bringing them out from the deep recesses of my library cupboard, I saw this book. It was a present from Corinne. I had seen her write and practice it on her blog and was impressed by it. And she was kind enough to send the book across to me. On its receipt, I flipped through some pages and told myself that I’d take it up when I am a bit free. And the so called free time never came and the book lay untouched for quite a while.

Last night, I saw this book again after a long time and decided to read it. It is titled The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. As I read the initial pages, I was sucked into its simple insights.The Happiness Project

Being happy is on everyone’s agenda. Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. Thankfully, I have a lot to be happy about. Touch wood! What I liked about this book is how Gretchin  has shared the wisdom of the ages, current scientific studies, and lessons from popular culture about how to be happier into a methodical approach to forge her own path to a happier state of mind with great tips and suggestions. I am all for systematic, logical and planned approach towards things so Gretchin’s Happiness Project inspired me greatly.

A part of me suggested that I should start this Happiness Project from the new year, yeah, that’s the clichéd official start day for most of our personal projects! And another small voice said, ‘Now is the time’. As 1st September was just a few hours away, I listened to the small voice and after reading the introductory pages, I turned to the month September in the book. And guess what, it was about Books!!

It was a sign, definitely, positively! So, here I am starting my first month on this Happiness Project.

In the Book, The Happiness Project, September is about Books and it suggests to focus on

  • Write a novel : Well, this one is not on my agenda, so I will focus on writing on blog creatively.
  • Make time : Yes, make time to read. I have to read a LOT!!
  • Forget about results : Pursuing something with passion without the pressure of numbers, results can be exhilarating. I am keen to see how this works, because, all this while, I am driven by end results.
  • Master a new Technology : Aah! There is a lot to learn. I’ll figure out something new to explore this month.

I’ll be back at the end of the month and share my progress, learnings, insights from My Happiness Project for the month of September. Wish me luck!