Night Wear for a Good Night Sleep

“There is only one thing people like that is good for them; a good night’s sleep!” – Edgar Watson Howe

Getting good quality sleep is one of the best things you can do for your physical health and mental well-being. Sleep-deprivation can lead to a lot of medical problems, including stroke, depression, weight gain, high blood pressure and even a heart attack. Getting a good night sleep not only means sleeping at a consistent time but also creating a sleep-friendly environment which includes light, temperature and what you wear to bed. Yes, picking the right nightdress makes a big difference and is the easiest thing to do to get that long, full night of sleep.

Data has shown that for a good night’s sleep, it does not matter whether you wear night dress, pyjamas, nighties, shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits or robes or night-gowns or night-shirts. What matters is what it’s made from.

One of the biggest barriers to sleep is maintaining the right body temperature throughout the night. That’s why you may find that you wake in the night feeling cold – and in some cases sweating profusely.

The focus should be on choosing the right fabric of the night dress. So let’s look at some of the fabrics for night dresses…

  • Cotton: Cotton is an all-natural, organic fabric that is soft, lightweight and allows air circulation. It does not cling on to your skin or cause any irritations and thus is perfect for summers and you can buy online from a variety of options. However, it is not good at insulating, so on a cold day, it may make you feel cold.
Night Dress
  • Silk: Silk is a wonderful lightweight, natural thermo-regulator. It keeps you cosy when you’re cold and chilled when you feel hot.
  • Flannel: When it comes the chilly nights, a pair of pajamas made from the flannel fabric feels lightweight and soft against the skin. It is a soft woven fabric that is very comfortable and provides breathability and warmth.
  • Moisture-Wicking Fabrics: Such fabrics are known to be modern technical fabrics which keeps the moisture away from your body. They are made of high-tech polyester which is designed to keep water away from the skin, helping your body to regulate its own temperature. People who experience night-sweats can opt for a night dress made out of this a fabric.
  • Viscose –  Viscose which is commonly known as rayon, is created by weaving together fibres from cellulose that is chemically extracted from trees. Viscose makes light fabric, breathable, and great for warm summer weather.
Night Wear for a Good Night Sleep
  • Wool and Fleece: These fabrics will keep you warm in the cold weather and can help sleep better.

While the fabric of the night dress is important, fit matters too. A Night dress shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. Also, things like elastic, buttons, tags etc shouldn’t hinder with your sleep at night.

Also, don’t forget your feet. Cold feet are associated with sleeplessness. Warming up your feet by wearing socks when you get into bed, helps you to prepare your body for sleep.

Personal comfort is paramount when picking up a night dress, so choose the one that your well-rested body will thank you in the morning.