6 Luxury Pens to Gift for All Occasions

Do you always get confused about what to gift your loved ones? If you’ve scratched your head enough but can only think of flowers or a card, we are here for your rescue  Pens are the ultimate gifting item that you can find at a stationery shop near you. Pens are not only a token of love while gifting someone but also a useful item.

Now before you go and buy a pen, let us tell you that when it comes to gifting, it’s wise to not just gift any random pen that writes smooth. You must opt for the kind that screams ‘luxury’. If you’re already confused with which luxury pen you must choose to gift your loved ones, read the below-mentioned list.

1. Parker vector standard CT rollerball pen: Now, if you already think what good a ball pen is, hear us out. This is not a regular ball pen because of its excellent quality. Apart from this, its looks are also classy because it comprises a fashioned plastic barrel and cap in unique shimmery colours with contrasting stainless steel or chrome trim. It comes with an ink cartridge and ensures a super smooth-smudge-free experience.

2. Cross Calais Matte Metallic Midnight Blue Ballpoint Pen: This pen will make both you and your loved one fall in love with pens. With the slender structure and the unique marble colour, this pen screams ‘beauty’. This pen is stylish and yet can be used on a daily basis. Its sleek exterior is made from gold and chrome, and the black enamels that adorn this pen make it everyone’s go-to choice.

3. Montblanc Meisterstuck Gold Trim Classique Rollerball Pen: From the name itself, you know that this pen is the ‘King’ of all pens. The composition and the layout are compelling and inclusive rather than thin. The high price does complete justice to its amazing quality. Get this pen from the top-notch German company and watch your loved ones go gaga over it.

4. Waterman Carene Contemporary Blue and Gun Metal St Fountain Pen: The brand name is enough to speak for its quality. If you’re looking for a luxury pen, this beauty should be your choice as they are hand-assembled and tested when you think about which pen to gift; go for this one as you cannot go wrong.

5. Classic Old Fountain Pen Hero 616 Black and Silver Pen: Remember how crazy you were for fountain pens? It would not only write smoothly but would look super stylish in your hand. Give your loved ones a trip back in time by gifting them this amazing pen.

6. Blue Metal Sheaffer Fountain Pen: Choose this pen to gift your loved ones because not only does it oozes style, but it also cleans automatically when filling. Isn’t that enough for you to buy this baby?

Sheaffer Series 300 Fountain Pen

With such wonderful pens, your loved ones will surely give up on texting and start writing. Now that you’ve gifted them one of these amazing babies, expect a letter of gratitude from them!