Kudan Jewellery Styles That Can Transform Your Anarkali Look

Ethnic dresses and jewellery go hand in hand. And when they come together, the result are magical, always. Whenever you buy an ethnic attire, you automatically search for matching jewellery complementing it. It doesn’t matter if you have a salwar suit, kurtis or Anarkali suits, there is matching jewellery for every dress that you can flaunt at different occasions. Let us talk about one of the most popular and stunning jewelleries in India—the kundan jewellery!

Originated from Rajasthan, kundan jewellery has certainly created a massive impression across the country. And if you are wearing rich and elegant attires like  Anarkali suits, then kundan jewellery is just the perfect choice! However, are you aware about which kind of kundan jewellery will suit your Anarkali suits the best way? Then here are some really good  styles to try. 

White Stone Kundan Jewellery — Kundan jewellery is as it is very rich and elegant. But when you wear it with white stones, it signifies the beauty of this jewellery. When you are wearing Anarkali suit, try pairing it with this kind of kundan jewellery for a richer and royal appearance. You can pick them light weighted or simple white stone kundan necklaces and earrings to go with it. But if you are looking for something very elaborate, then wear your heavily worked Anarkali with broad neck white stone necklace and matching earrings.  

White stone kundan jewellery


Bandhgala Kundan Jewellery — Bandhgala necklaces depict the richness of jewelleries that you were. These look very amazing on different festival occasions and wedding functions. So when you are heading for a wedding or it is Diwali or any other festival, wear your rich looking Anarkali suit and a bandhgala kundan necklace with it. You can or cannot wear a earring with it. In both the case, donningthenecklace is a statement in itself, perfect for a regal look.


Emerald Kundan Jewellery — Imagine the already magnificent looking kundan jewellery with fascinating emerald stones. Of course, you will be the talk of the town with this. Today, you will see lot of celebrities wearing this kind of Kundan jewellery in their weddings and even during public appearances. You can opt for a long necklace with this kind of combination or opt for simple looking emerald kundan jewellery. In both the case, these will suit your Anarkali dresses very well and give you a ready to win the world look.

Emerald Kundan Jewellery

Kundan Jhumkas — Jhumkas are statement pieces of earrings which have been in trends during the last two decades. You will see women flaunting different kinds of jhumkas on different attires and looking fascinating in all of them. So, when you pick these kundan jhumkas and pair them with your Anarkali dress, you are definitely going to look gorgeous in them. For best results, wear kundan jhumkas contrasting the colour of your attire! You’ll see both the dress and the jewellery creating a striking impression on the onlookers!

So just pick a Anarkali Suit and team it up with your favorite Kundan Jewellery and make heads turn and express your style!