Wordless Wednesday – 107

“If I behave as though this is a completely normal situation, then maybe it will be …”  Sophie Kinsella.


A game of cricket being played in a village near Nanital

In the hills, they might not get the flat ground of 150 yards, but that does not stop them from playing cricket. They truly believe in making the best of a bad situation… because nothing is over until you decide it is.

Sumit Sah, thank you for sharing this picture.

Wordless Wednesday – 102

… which is a bit wordy!

A few days ago, just after the rains that evening, I was out in the park adjacent to our apartment complex for the evening walk. A family stays at one end of the park in a makeshift hut. The husband and wife are the care-takers cum gardeners of this park.

After the hard day’s work of mowing the grass and sweeping the pavements, I saw the woman make food for the family. And yes, it was awesome weather which was perfect for…


… Pakoras and Chai.

Seeing her serve hot Pakoras to her husband and 3 kids, my heart smiled.

And a thought struck that simple pleasures of life certainly hold universal appeal… age, creed, class no bar!


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Wordless Wednesday -101

Too much work and too little time, travel from tomorrow and muse has decided to abscond too. Like they say, desperate times call for desperate measures!

So a Wordless Wednesday on my blog after nearly a year!!
Wordless Wednesday

Figure it out yourself!

By the way, out of these two, which one would you like to have! 😀

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