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    Pearson manages a school in Jaipur at the moment: Pearson School, Jaipur( The Pearson schools prepare children for the future with a global insight in mind, equipping them with academic excellence, confidence and leadership qualities; which they need to face any challenges in the new competitive world. They are provided with an innovative and challenging learning environment. Extracurricular activities are blended into every student’s academic life seamlessly and a strong emphasis is placed on discipline as well.

    We would be honoured, if your thought-inspiring write up features Pearson schools and its dynamic attempt at striving to provide qualitative learning experiences to students. We would love to arrange a tour of the institutions for you and introduce you to the facilities, infrastructure, new and innovative approaches to learning and education as a whole.

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  • It was nice reading lots of blogs written by Shilpa today, when i got to know about this from a whats app group. I know her from last 26 years, but out of touch from 4-5 years when she moved to a new accommodation. I was really surprised to see lots of topics covered in her blogs. I was thinking that i have lost a friend who is based in jaipur as me, but got to discover where she was busy all these days. Hope to see many more from you and trust me you can count me as a follower. Best of luck.

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