Thoughts On A Lazy Sunday…

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon again! All of us are lazing in our own lazy-sunday-cat-sulazy ways…kid is driving his favorite Toyota Land Cruiser on PS2, KG is watching multiple movies on TV (Multiple movies means seeing multiple movies at a given time…how?…when there is ad break on 1 channel, move to another and so on and so forth!…amazing na??, No, it could be very irritating, if you wanna see only ONE movie completely!!)

Anyways, the fishes are lazing around, where else, in their bowl! And I am hanging around with my tech soul mate (you know who…my laptop, who else!?!)

And suddenly, the song, “Mera rang de basanti chola”, from the movie Shaheed fills the room. And both of us, abandon the lazy musings and activities and watch the song…

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This song represents the zeal, the love and the enthusiasm our soldiers have while fighting for our nation… and showed the valor, determination, grit and sacrifice of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev for the cause of freedom.


And, it stirred the feelings of patriotism towards our country. It gave us goosebumps and it actually moved us and touched the heart.

So, this made me wonder…are we armchair patriots? That is, we feel this pride when we listen to patriotic songs or when we hoist our national flag. What do we do for our country?

Well, at our own individual level, we can do…

  • Cast our vote, always and sensibly
  • Take care of our national monuments and heritage
  • Stand up for a cause and fight for it till the end
  • Follow the traffic rules, strictly
  • Keep public places clean

PS: You may share the simple and small actions we can do for our country.

Jai Hind and Enjoy Your Sunday!!

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16 thoughts on “Thoughts On A Lazy Sunday…

  1. Nice thoughts on a sunday…a lazy sunday!
    Oh, we can do a lot. We, as parents can informally educate our kids about the national anthem, freedom struggle, our country’s rich heritage etc.
    I tried doing this with my 6 year old some time back. Somethings she understood, and some not! But sure we can do it!
    And Jai Hind!

  2. Well,
    I thought watching a bunch of movies at the same time was fun so a warm hug for ur hubby frm my side!

    And as for the patriotism part, there is a lot we can do apart from voting and keeping our surroundings clean!. Well, its not in your case but this applies to those who work in other countries leaving the oppurtunities in India, if they were to contribute to our country, India would have become the leading economy in the world by now!

    A light hearted post and it made me salute to the soldiers once again!

    Jai Hind!

    P.S.: I have posted a new poem on my blog!. Do check!

  3. Apart from the obvious, the best way to be patriotic is to stand up for what’s right and speak your mind on what’s wrong. Web 2.0 and opinion medias like blogs, twitters and facebook can change the course of a dialogue and make our governments more accountable. If anyone has doubts look at the Iran uprising.

    So, I’d want to say, by blogging about topics circa India, we are being patriotic 🙂

  4. @ garima: A good implementable suggestion! Thanks!

    @ pawan: Grrrr…Men will be Men!! 🙂
    Ok…you say, no brain drain and work in India, for India..This is a great idea too!

  5. Well….tell u something….i’m catching on the multiple movie watching thing as well…..
    and as for the armchair patriotism……. i guess most of us are just that…we do get moved every now and then but then i also feel that human proclivity is such that the real feeling is roused only in the hour of need….and a geniune feeling is more important even if its for a fleeting moment rather than tomtomming a fake feeling like a lot of our politicians do…..
    wat say !!!

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