Will She or Won’t She??

Rakhi Sawant, the drama queen, chose NRI businessman from Canada, Elesh Parujanwala as her “life partner”, last night on NDTV Imagine’s reality show, Rakhi Ka Swayamwar.thumb.cms

And thus bringing to an end the month-long ‘Swayamwar’ drama that kept millions of viewers hooked to their TV screens!!

Elesh Parujanwala was among the top three finalists who waited anxiously to be 30-year-old Rakhi’s suitor.

As of now, the lady says, “Today, we are getting engaged because both of us need some time together before we get married.”

So, the million dollar question is, “Is she going to FINALLY do it??” I mean, marry the NRI guy!!

What’s your take on it?

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So, let’s see, what the majority of us think/believe on this!

You may like to leave your additional spicy views in the comment box as well! 🙂
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16 thoughts on “Will She or Won’t She??

  1. She wont..
    She will soon start blaming the Poor NRI that he is doesnt love her, slap him in front of the cameras and then may be Rakhi Ka Swayamvar Part II will be on the cards!!!!

    PS: Please review my new blog template… 🙂

  2. This is a very unique show and going by Rakhi’s track record its really difficult to say what she’ll actually do… but does it make any difference anyway…

  3. For sure she wont …see how things change …from marriage the topic was smartly changed to engagement..so after sum time its gonna be a diff story..wait n watch

  4. It will be like this,
    Rakhi will watch this guy for some one more month and she will be still undecided, so she goes to the NDTV guys and asks them to conduct a season 2 and demand more money and announce to the media that she would be selecting from the top contestants in season 1 and 2 and in the end shw will run from all this hullabaloo (with the money of course) to some females depleted African country where she will be considered as a goddess!

  5. Whether she marries him or not is not the point, the fact is NDTV went laughing all the way to the bank and we made a fool of ourselves…..

    As for the question, the answer is obviously NO she wont marry……….

    i am just waiting for the next publicity stunt……

  6. OMG.. Mrs. Shilpa Garg joins the HNC brigade 😉

    hmmmmm.. ystrday in the show, rakhi hrslf gave a hint, tht shes planning a Season 2.. so evn if she does marry elesh, lets prepare ourselvs 4 a subsequent divorce nd a season 2 🙁

    Ideally, i wish she marries nd moves to Canada. I’ve had enough of Rakhi on reality television nd indian news channels (and now of all.. ur blog too.. lol)

  7. Smart decision by Mr.NRi(it was the NRI guy who wanted some time before settling down rather than Rakhi). Dunno wat will happen. Rakhi is unpredictable.

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