10 Day You Challenge : Six Places

6 Places on Day 5. Here are some places that have given wonderful memories and some where wonderful memories would be created….

  1. Lucknow : The bestest city that we have stayed in is Lucknow! Loved the ‘metro but not a metro’  feel of the place… the kebabs and biryani, the lakhnavi embroidered kurtas and sarees, the multiplexes and huge malls, the culture and tradition, all gave some wonderful fond memories!
  2. Mumbai : Mumbai, where life runs faster than the clock was our home for 8 years! The dhakka-mukki in the Local Trains and focus on catching the Bo 8:03 F , vada-pav and bhel at Juhu beach, mystical evenings on the Marine Drive, the hot coffee on the road by the coffee-wala on the cycle, the incessant rains, the traffic jams, the roads with potholes, some wonderful friends… created loads of magical memories in Mumbai.
  3. Jaipur : Simply because it is our hometown and where we have returned after a long time!
  4. Australia : A travel destination on the wish list for adventure and to enjoy the magnificent natural wonders.
  5. South Africa : Another holiday destination on wish list for hiking trails and wildlife and national parks. Have seen so much of it on National Geographic, that, I am keen to experience it all in person!
  6. Home : This is the bestest place to come back after a long day or even after a great vacation. Nothing beats the comfort, cozines and warmth of home!
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7 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge : Six Places

  1. I have a lucknowi friend who tells the same as u said! Now I really wanted to visit this city!
    Yes..I’ve loved Jaipur…
    Australia is in my wish list too…
    Point 7 is so valid Shilpa!

  2. Australia is a MUSt do go there its beautifull .. 🙂

    Mumbai hmmm got dome bad memories but still love the city ..

    jaipur beautiful ..

    South africa is next on list february 2012 probably 🙂

    and HOME IS THE BESTEST no wehre to go I can live my life at HOME Sweet HOME ..


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