A 180 Degree Change

He is the light of our life. In fact our lives revolve around him as he is the centre of our lives.

Everything is planned and done as per his schedule… If I need to go out somewhere, I need to make sure that I am back, before he comes back home.

Facing the cooking dilemma, ask him. And he will give a dozen options.

Where to go on weekends? We know, what he would suggest.

A sweet, simple, loving fellow…

Always ready with a prank. His favourite being, to hide somewhere and scare us by coming out suddenly from the corner with a big “BHOWWW”!

Comedy shows… rather any comic scene… even if he would have seen it a million times, his is the the loudest and the hardest laugh.

A stickler of rules… his rules… Tang in the evenings, without fail, even if you serve soup, his response , “No, problem, I’ll have tang first as it will take time for the hot soup to cool down” … watching TV while eating food… a mandatory kiss from me before going to sleep…

Good in academics though needs to be prodded to study. And not so good in sports but he loves playing them all… cricket, football, basketball, dodge-ball, handball…

Ever ready to share and help… a very friendly guy!

Life is very happy and cheerful, full of laughter and smiles, pride and love with him around…

And yesterday, we brought a dramatic change in our lives… I mean, we could have lived peacefully and with a smile without bringing this 180 degree change in our lives…

It was a thought which was finally implemented… a decision  which caused a huge emotional upheaval in our lives, and which was a very very tough one too…

Yesterday we sent our only son, a ten year old, to a boarding school!!

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31 thoughts on “A 180 Degree Change

  1. The very first line of the post told me that the post is about Aryan. I can understand that it must have been a tough decision. I wish Aryan all the very best for this new venture of his life. Hugs to you. 🙂

  2. I can understand what you must be going through right now. A tough decision but in the future, it will prove to be for Aryan’s benefit.Best wishes always .Love and hugs 🙂

  3. I endorse your feelings as extremely natural and having felt myself after sending our boy to the boarding when he was about six and twelve years he spent his schooling there.So did the girl at the same age.
    Your narration made me recollect the night we came back after leaving the boy in the boarding. It was a haunted house and the loss of his presence was felt in every corner of the walls and in every sinew of our being.

  4. He sure is a darling! Can understand the thoughts and dilemma that you all went through. But still I have no idea why parents choose boarding school. Are they the best? What’s different from normal school? You wouldn’t have put him on boarding school unless it’s best for Aryan! He is already a star! Wishing him success in every step..and loads of hugs to you!

  5. Oh, always a tough decision to make. I’ve not been able to do that so far. My son is almost 10 too. I am sure he will have a great time there though you will miss him crazily.

    • Toughest, I would say!
      Yeah, this is said by all the parents (of boarders), that they have a gala time and in fact yearn to go back to school ASAP during vacations, it’s tough for the parents though!

  6. That must have been a very tough decision to make. I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. I am sure he will be fine, and so will you, eventually 🙂 Hugs!

  7. A tough decision it must have been for you all, but I’m sure you have your reasons for that. Good luck to your son, wishing him the very best in life. And loads of hugs coming your way 🙂

  8. Shilpa, it is a very hard decision parents have to take.You must be a brave mother.
    I am sure, you must have conditioned him before he was sent.
    But,he should do well.
    My best wishes.

  9. Shilpa,I was so shocked to read this post but I also know that as a mom, it is perhaps the toughest decision to take. It also means you are a very brave mother. Aryan is so lucky and blessed to have your strength and conviction lighting up his life. My love n prayers to you at this very important phase you have entered. All the best!

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