May Photo A Day : Day 30 : Tool

It is the most prized possession among inanimate objects, for the men of our family.

Yes, it is the Remote Control for the Television

DSC_0567Both the men have some fixation towards this tool. So much so that they’ll not let go of it from their hands even for a second. Many-a-times, they are guilty of carrying it in their pockets to the loo too!

The reason for doing so is that they both have a unique style of watching TV. I don’t know, how the Senior has formed this habit, but the Junior has definitely followed his Dad’s footsteps

They start watching something of interest, say Program 1. As expected, after a few minutes there will be a commercial break, so, immediately they switch to Program 2 on a different channel. There would be an ad break after a while here too, so they may go back to Program 1, but if the ad break is still continuing, they start viewing Program 3 and then go back to Program 2…

Sometimes, they may forget about Program 1 for a while and when the realization dawns they start viewing it again. And by this time, they might have missed some parts of it. But that’s ok with them.
So, at any given point of time, both the guys would be watching 3-4 programs. And this includes movies too!!

I love watching a movie or a program in totality and I love watching advertisements too. So, this kind of multi-program viewing does not go well with the sensibility of my grey cells. I am thus a passive TV viewer at home. I rarely get to hold this remote. And sometimes, when I do, I have to see the remote and then press the button to even increase/decrease the volume.

This post is a part of May Photo A Day.

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36 thoughts on “May Photo A Day : Day 30 : Tool

  1. Shilpa, another of our similarities. I hate multi-viewing. Hate is an understatement. I would rather not watch. Now, I don’t even watch TV but when I used to, I would tell everyone that I am going to watch a movie and no channel surfing will be entertained. Movie ka maza hi chala jata hai.

    • OMG! Some similarities we have, Reema! I do the SAME thing too. I rather do something else than watch programs like this. Usually, I am reading or working on my laptop when the TV is on at our home. Also, I dont have any interest in any tele-serial. I like movies, so when a good one is coming, I make sure that we watch that without surfing any channel. I dont like missing any part of the movie.

  2. LOL! The channel switching in between ad breaks happens here too!

    And you love watching ads! Well, my advertising-pro husband is going to be mighty happy to know that! 😀

    • Gosh! Is it a universal issue?
      Your hubby is in advertising? I love watching the new ads with a nice storyline. Of course, the ads I hate, I love watching them too to observe and pick holes in them! 😀

  3. Well I guess it is the feeling of being in control that gives them a high 😀
    I’m guilty of channel surfing when the ads pop up too but I mostly return to my primary channel of interest or squeeze in some other task during the multiple breaks of a movie…

  4. We had to ind a solution to this.I am stuck on news channels in the evenings whie my wife watches at least three programmes at a time,exactly the ways it happens in your house.
    Now,wevsitin seperate rooms,seperate TV

    • Ah! That is the best solution I guess. Both of you get to enjoy your favorite programs that way… no cribbing and no fight to control the remote! 🙂
      My Masi and Mausa ji watch TV in separate rooms too!

  5. Story of every home!
    At times, I do hijack the TV… i.e. I take the remote under my control.
    Though I have never ever EVER taken it to the loo with me yet!

    The blog looks very neat now! 😀

    • Is it the same at your place too! Wow! 😀
      I guess, hijacking of remote is needed sometimes!

      Thanks, glad you liked it and thanks a ton for all your technical inputs! Appreciate it a lot 🙂

  6. This gadget can be handy in times of great ennui and also an irritant in the hands of another.Sometimes one is forced to sit like a clown when someone else handles the gadget and scrolls through program after program aimlessly.

  7. Shilpa Sometimes I wonder how you get such brilliant ideas. At least I could never imagine that a gadget like a remo
    te can be the subject for a blog!!
    In our house three generations are living together.An old couple(me and hubby), Son and DIL and two grand daughters. Each room has a separate TV. I have seen the young couple arguing on the possession of the remote..

  8. ha ha ha ha!!! Men!!!

    Mine never watches anything for more than a min. In fact he spends more time flicking channels and then says “kucch khaas nahin a raha”. I tell him if you bother to watch a prog for a little more while then only interest will develope but……


    Loved ur post 🙂

  9. LLOL !

    thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Rings the bell to me too
    All men r LIKE THIS OR what. My husband is addicted to many programs and does multi tasking similarly
    Some times I get so fed up that i leave the hall 🙁 and go inside

  10. Even I keep surfing channels, for there are no really good program going on anywhere, but when husband does that i get bugged, and just leave the room and watch it another TV.
    I hate these advertisements , they are there for 5 minutes, which is too much. I want to change to HD which has hardly any ad breaks and it is there it is just for a few seconds. So you finally coming to the end, now don’t tell me you are thinking of getting caught in another everyday series. Just joking.

  11. Ookay, now this one is my not my friend really…I hardly watch TV and if there’s a movie I’d wanna really really watch, i record and watch it at my leisure (plus I have the advantage of forwarding the ads 😛 )

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