I had met her last evening at our regular cafe. She was not her usual self. To the others in the group, she was just the same. But, I could see through her charade… the forced smile, the fake laughter and that vacant look in her eyes.Our eyes locked together a couple of times. I could read the unspoken plea but I let the moment pass.

Had I made an attempt to honour our friendship and let go of my ego, I would not be here with these rose petals in my hand, to honour her life in death.


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48 thoughts on “Honour…

  1. Like many above I agree there is a similarity in the context that many b’wood personalities are coming forward and saying loads of things about the poor girl but guess were not bothered about her when she was alive.

    Well written I wud say

  2. I’m not too sure how much friends can help when someone decides to take an extreme step like this. Some people are lonely even when they have lots of friends around them – it is sad but thats how our brain functions at times.

    • I know what you mean, Nisha! But as a friend, I believe we must try and talk, you never know your words might have some impact… and a tragedy could have been averted!

  3. Very poignant write-up Shilpa, Sometimes that one second when a thought of connecting with a friend and having a heart-talk strikes, we should just let our heart go ahead and indulge itself…Who knows what tomorrow holds?

  4. Sad! I can relate to what Nisha says…sometimes people are lonely in a crowd and when they are pushing people away, they are actually calling for help. A very nice post Shilpa!

    • Agree, there are people who are lonely even in a crowd and it may be difficult to get through them. The thought is can we ignore them and let them be… I believe, No!
      Glad you liked it, Kajal 🙂

  5. Where did my comment go??? Anyways. We should always listen to our instinct in such cases. Most of the time, we say next time. And some times the next time never comes. 🙁

  6. A poignant write-up Shilpa.

    Hw painfully regretting it can be when you fail to read a friend’s call for help, isnt it?

    Beautifully written..

  7. How could anyone know? People might have thought someone is depressed for a while, and they will be back to their normal selves later. Some blame should go to the parents/society and even the movies because they make the world look too flowery and hide the actual world under the wraps.

    Destination Infinity

    • That’s where family and friends come in… they are the ones who can identify the symptoms of depression or that the person needs help, counselling or a heart-to heart chat…

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