Why I Write…

I believe, I am a blogger and not a writer. There is a marked difference between the two, which has been beautifully elucidated by a dear blogger, Susan here.


Of course, a blogger writes on her/his blog. So, here is why I write…

  • As life’s journey continues, memories may blur and the facts may be forgotten, I write to record the journey of our life and times. Reading the old posts give me that wonderful feeling of moving backward in time and making the past memories and moments come live in front of me.
  • Our thoughts are like water, they run continuously and may wander in any direction. I write to crystallize my thoughts. Writing crystallizes half-baked or unbaked thoughts, gives them form, and multiply the chains of thoughts in new directions.
  • When the words flow as I write, it soothes and calms me. Sometimes, what I write helps me to verbalize what I didn’t even know I was thinking. I write as it is a creative vent for me.
  • I write for Aaryan to read this account, the tidbits from our life, and construct the story of our life, learn and know our experiences, thoughts and views ‘then’ and memories, when he grows up.

This is in response to WriteTribe prompt and the Thursday bloghop #80 at the Writer’s Post.

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