If We Were Having Coffee… 5th November


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that how busy this week has been. Aaryan joined us for Diwali last weekend and our home is buzzing with excitement. There is endless chatter about his school, friends, studies, projects, food, movies, books, gossip and sermons (from me to him).

Yesterday, both of us cleaned our aquarium at home. After re-installing the water pump in the aquarium, it started making some weird noise. I tried my best to sort it but the noise refused to stop. While I got busy with something else, Aaryan looked at the pump and did some adjustments and voila! it started working smoothly. And my motherly heart swelled with pride and joy. My lil baby is growing into a big boy!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that these days, KG and I have started making breakfast and lunch together. I mean, he is the main chef and I am a mere kitchen staff. And I am amazed at the way he gives twists to regular dishes. Every morning, after discussing the menu for the day over cup of tea, we attack our kitchen. Today, I casually mentioned that tangy aubergines would taste nice. And he got working and created something absolutely amazing. Presenting to you, KG’s Tangy Baked Aubergines…

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 KG made a groove in the aubergines so that it would hold more of the filling. As I was thinking of the wasted slices of flesh, he added it to the tangy sauce. With tangy sauce poured over the stuffed aubergines and cut tomatoes placed over it, KG baked the dish in the oven for 15-20 minutes. The finished dish was just plain great. We simply drooled over it and started digging into it. Yes, we were so happy with the outcome that we forgot to click pictures. Aah! The joy of having a husband who cooks!!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I am struggling with the daily blogging challenge. I am just managing to post before the clock strikes 12. All this re-confirms my belief in ‘getting it right, the first time’. Since, I started with posting daily at the end of the day, the trend is continuing. Needless to say that it gives me a lot of stressful time all through the day. Hopefully, from Monday, I will get the schedule back on track.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I am dreading tomorrow, as Aaryan’s break is coming to an end. But I am also glad that this time, we will be meeting him sooner. Yes, he will be back home on 1st December for the winter break.

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that this is it for this week. Thank you for having coffee with me. See you same time, next week?

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Image Courtesy : Pixabay

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39 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… 5th November

  1. Enjoyed the coffee with you. It is sick bliss when husbands cook. Mine has been doing more cooking this weekend as l’ve not been too well. The cold is now a nasty cough. You’re doing the daily challenge? Good luck. And kids, seriously how quickly they learn and can fix things around the house.

    • Thanks Rachna! Husbands who cook is a blessing and I cant thank God enough for that! 😀 Hope you are feeling better, the change of weather did the same to me too.
      Yes, I have suicidal tendencies… the busy schedule at home and work didnt deter me from taking up this daily challenge! 🙄
      Up till now, I would check with him about some phone or tab apps or things like that, and now I can look up to him for fixing things around the house too. Seriously, kids do grow up so soon! 🙂

    • Aah! I love eggplant parmigiana too! It tastes so delish! Men folk cooking at home is a blessing. I am glad my son is following his dad’s steps too in cooking.

  2. Good luck with the challenge! Yes having a husband who cooks is sheer bliss! That eggplant looks scrumptious. Wishing Aaryan all the best for the next month or so and hoping he comes back with more stories in December.

    • Thanks a lot, Shailaja for your good wishes. Both Aaryan and I need them 😀 Of course, KG creates a big mess in the kitchen, but I have realized that benefits of a great cooked meal outweigh the trouble of cleaning the mess later on 😉

    • I somehow cant experiment much with food, but my husband is simply amazing at experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen and his dishes turn out simply amazing almost every time 😀
      Thanks a lot, Ramya for the good wishes! Need them 🙂

  3. The aubergines look really cool!
    Wishing you all the very best for the daily challenge. It gets daunting to do posts just before midnight strikes, and I think it would be less stressful if you keep one backup post ready, to post whenever it’s not possible to post daily. I’m sure you’ll rock the challenge! ❤

    • Thanks Mithila. Yes, planning ahead works well for me, and that’s how I have survived so many daily blogging challenges. But this time, I didnt plan well. Hopefully will get back on track from tomorrow.

  4. That sounds like happy times to me. A husband who cooks is a blessing. Can you ask KG to talk to VT and sprinkle some magic dust? 😀
    December 1 is right around the corner and another set of good times ahead. Happy new week to you, Shilpa.

    • Yes, happy times are back at home. Touch wood!
      LOL 😀 KG would be so happy to read this. 😀
      Yeah, just few more days and we all will be together again. Thanks Parul. You have a wonderful week ahead too. Cheers!

  5. Isn’t it the best thing when the husband cooks ? I am grateful for the same considering my non-culinary skills. Even my younger son says, ‘don’t feel bad mom, but dad cooks better’ and I am so eager to agree with him. It feels so good when the kids become independent. Good to see Aryan is learning and growing up fast. Enjoy your days. The picts can be taken later, but the moments should not be missed.

    • Oh, it is a blessing. I cant thank God enough for that!! 🙂
      I cook regular food well but I am not into experimentation with food which KG is expert at. Thanks Lata, yes, it’s good to have Aaryan at home for a while. 🙂

  6. That looks absolutely delicious! What did you guys have it with?
    I’m also not at all into experimental cooking. Just give me a recipe, and if it isn’t too lengthy, then I might just give it a try! :p

    • Thanks Kadambari! Had it with chapati!
      We are so alike on that front. I always look for recipes that are simple and easy to make. I dont like it if there are too many steps involved. 🙂

  7. Looks like you had a busy but lovely week! And those aubergines look delicious. And yeah while participating in daily blogging challenges it is better if your post is up early otherwise we ending up thinking about it all day and stressing over it.

  8. Oh, Shilpa, I really hope we get to have coffee together sometime… Judging from your blogpost and all I know, I would LOVE it, and I think we could talk forever!!! Good luck with the challenge. Sending big hugs:-)

    • Oh yes, we must meet sometimes and I would LOVE to have coffee with you, Eli! Thanks a lot for your good wishes, i need them 🙂 A big hug to you too friend! 🙂

  9. Ah ! Lucky you.. my husband seldom cooks and I find cooking a boring task too. Well but some things have to be done sigh!!! So these moments of discussing the menu and doing things together in the kitchen is practically absent in my case.

    All the best with your challenge. I havent taken up any challenge this year. Tied down with personal work and life just doesnt seem to relax. Hrdly find time to write, so just read blogs when I get some free time. Thats my way to unwind after a tiring day.

    • “What to make today?” is a BIG question in our home because of the foodies that we are. 😀
      If your hubby cooks, I think you must ‘inspire’ him to cook more often. 😉
      Thank you, Ramya. Agree, everyday blogging is a bit challenging. but it’s fun too. Reading blogs is a cool way to unwind! 🙂

  10. Thank you very much for the coffee and that eggplant dish looks yum. My kids help me a bit with the cooking and I’m naturally trying to encourage that. Your husband sounds great.
    Hope you have a great week.
    xx Rowena

    • Oh, you must certainly encourage your kids to cook. It will be a big blessing for you and for them too 😀 Thank you for your lovely comment and thanks for joining me for this coffee date, Rowena! Wishing you a great week too! 🙂

  11. Wow…that aubergines…I love them…wanna taste them…maybe I should come for dinner than just coffee 😉
    Oh…these kids…how they whizz by us during their holidays and suddenly they’ve to leave…big hugs mommy!

    • You have to come not only for dinner or coffee but breakfast and lunch too, dear Uma!
      We are in the same boat for this one… A big hug to you too Mommy! ♥

  12. Lovely post and relate to many of them like the babies growing big and teaching us a thing or two….hubby’s cooking…loved those beautifully plated aubergines. Enjoyed and loved this coffee for a change, else me a tea lover Shilpa:)

  13. Delicious looking eggplants! My husband is cooking since the time I got pregnant. I haven’t stepped inside the kitchen to cook yet. 🙂 He is getting better each day. And I’m giving him tons of praises to continue this. Not that hopeful though. 🙂 Glad to know that you had a great time with Aaryan. You know Shilpa, my Kanna’s name is Aryan too. Best of luck with NaBloPoMo. 🙂

    • That’s wonderful, Vinitha! Keep your man ‘inspired’ and motivated to cook. Believe me, it is a blessing to have a husband who cooks! 🙂
      Aha! You have Aryan too! I love this name 😀 Thanks Vinitha. Best wishes to you and the new baby too ♥

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