Beating the Block

55 Fiction

It’s time you updated your blog.

Blogger's Block

I want to but it’s a struggle. The thoughts are too foggy and the words are eluding me.

How about a story in 55 words? Certainly, you can manage that.

You think that is a cake walk?

Don’t give excuses, just start writing.

Ok, if you insist. Here it goes…

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28 thoughts on “Beating the Block

  1. Quite a struggle, isn’t it? But you managed well in those 55 words. It’s a start, Shilpa. I’m going through a similar phase. Haven’t written the five sentence iction series in a while. It’s not writer’s block for me, though. Just not getting enough time to brainstorm and write. Looking forward to read more drabbles in 55.

    • You bet, some days it is a struggle. Even the blank page must be fed up of staring back at me. Sigh!
      Hope you get back to your writing rhythm soon, Vinitha and thanks for dropping by 🙂

    • Yes, there’s a lot on my plate, but guess these are excuses and I need to pull up my socks. Thanks Corinne, glad you liked this attempt. 🙂

  2. At least you are writing in your blog. And 55 words, too. Woohooo! Aside from the challenges, I don’t do much blogging. I need that pressure and camaraderie to make me write as I don’t have a regular blogging routine going with an email list and all that. It’s easy to let it slip to the back burner and think it’s not overly important.

    • You are amazing with words and your poems rhymes are so fluid. You must write more often, Cathy. Agree with you that the blogging challenges truly push us and I love the camaraderie too. When I am busy and cant update the blog, it’s fine with me. But when I have the time to write and I dont/cant write, that distresses me. 😛

    • Thanks Susan. Yeah, just challenged myself and finally managed to write these 55 words.
      You can do it too. I like the clarity and depth of your thoughts and look forward to read more from you 🙂

  3. “I want to but it’s a struggle. The thoughts are too foggy and the words are eluding me.” … this is exactly what I am going through.

    • Ah, I can empathize with you, Sheethal. But do challenge yourself and start writing. Like they say, that if a writer’s block is staring at you, describe it’s shape, colour and texture 😀

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