Pattern #WriteBravely

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The tension was building up in him.

He needed a release, so he did what he liked doing under such circumstances.

Once finished, he stepped back to admire his bloody handiwork.

Excited, he walked out but turned around for one final look.

How could he forget that?

An incomplete knife set would drive him mad. 

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Day 1 – Prompt – Pattern


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76 thoughts on “Pattern #WriteBravely

    • Hahaha! Yes, I meant exactly that!! 😀 😛
      Yes, I am loving the way everyone has interpreted this story! Good to see you back, Suzy! How have you been!

  1. The foodie wants to believe that it’s a chef, and he’s just chopped up some meat 😛 The crime thriller lover tends to think it’s a serial killer who may have just forgotten the knife in his victim and gone back to retrieve it. 😉 Either way, you weave a brilliant tale!

  2. I liked the beginning of your story, would like to see some twist if more can be written on this. I liked the comments written by all too.

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