An evening well spent!

Last night we went to the city’s disc, to celebrate a friend’s birthday. And, like how it is in small towns, a Friday night and just we 2 couples and our 2 respective kids. I know it’s unbelievable! But we liked the idea of having the whole place to ourselves, with undivided attention of the staff and a very prompt service.

While the kids played around and danced, we adults bonded over the liquid diet! The evening was progressing well with nice music; wonderful friends; laughter and smiles and most importantly the kids were behaving themselves and were not too much of a pain for we parents. How mean, I can be? I know…I know 🙂

And then the TV channel was changed from MTV to Star Movies. All of a sudden, there was a silence with 12 (plus 4) eyes staring at the big LCD screen. The screen showed tribal men and women being taken as captives. The movie was Apocalypto. We (KG and me) had seen the movie some time back, so KG gave the background of the movie and we abandoned all talks and banter and just focused on the screen. Even the kids took seats right in front of the TV (Why do they do this? Is the picture clarity poor from a distance?)

Apocalypto is an epic movie produced and directed by Mel Gibson. Apocalypto depicts the journey of a Mesoamerican tribesman who must escape human sacrifice and rescue his family after the capture and destruction of his village. It’s an absorbing, unsettling and savagely beautiful “trip” movie. Though at times, it is gut-wrenchingly violent. The costumes, body markings, the masks, head gears, tattoos and scarifications were plainly mesmerizing.

Though it was getting late for dinner, but nobody dared to leave the movie. Apocalypto is a visual experience. It’s truly a Must Watch movie.

With delicious food and the yummy birthday cake as the dessert, all the ingredients of a ‘wonderful evening’ were tasted with satisfaction and delight.