“Kshitij, Quit Smoking”! Campaign

“Please don’t smoke, Kshitij”
“Smoking is bad for you”
“You are not smoking from NOW”
“Better quit smoking or else…”

Pleas, orders, warnings, exhorts, requests (POWER) have all failed, when it comes to my efforts in making Kshitij quit smoking.

Motivational Mailers have been sent to him.

We even went to a “Quit Smoking Cell” in KGMC, Lucknow. We made the first visit to the hospital after much prodding and POWER, which entailed filling up of questionnaire and some discussions. The second visit was to be decisive as it had counseling session! But we never made it to that level!

He even has a laminated “My Quit Smoking Contract” on his desk. I have made him read the “Life After Cigarettes” too.

It’s not that he does not realize its harmful effects. He has made an effort to do so many times, but the effort has not lasted for more than a week! His favorite quote is “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it hundreds of times.”

I know, the desire to quit smoking has to come from within. But when will he have a ‘desire’ to kick this habit?

Making him quit smoking has been a big struggle for me.

Since my efforts have gone down the…, no up in the smoke, so I urge YOU, his family, friends, colleagues, fellow non-smokers, quitters (smoking) to help him Quit Smoking.

Please share your tips/suggestions/thoughts/ideas or even POWER so that Kshitij finally quits smoking and QUITS FOR KEEPS!