Understanding the wisdom of idioms while swimming!

1. It’s lonely at the top!

Our pool has very few expert swimmers like me (KG is smiling, I can see him!) and lots of novices. All the new learners exchange their learning curve, encourage each other, stick together in groups (yeah, one can see them huddled together in a corner observing others), find time to chat around and in general having a great time.

While the focus of experts (of course I mean Me!) is to swim as many laps as possible and steer clear of the crowd. The other day somebody clung to me so precariously in one of her panic attacks, that she nearly broke my finger. God, it still hurts!

In this process, there is a communication barrier between the 2 groups. Is it awe or plain haughtiness?

But I am in sync with Barry Bonds, who said, “I like to be against the odds. I’m not afraid to be lonely at the top. With me, it’s just the satisfaction of the game. Just performance.”

2. It’s difficult to swim against the tide

Last weekend, we explored the swimming pool of our hotel in Srinagar. It was surely a weird pool, I must say. One fourth of the pool was a pool within the pool for kids and the rest of the pool had water supply from 2 big pipes, and the water was just gushing in with great force (at all times). So when one tried to swim in the pool, the water from the 2 pipes just pushed you to the wall of the kid’s pool and when you tried to cross the gushing water asap, you just couldn’t move ahead!

So it’s difficult to swim against the tide because there is a lot of opposition to you!

It’s a ‘WOW’ moment to experience the age old adages!

Have you ever experienced this ‘WOW’ moment? Let me know!

Image Courtesy: http://www.aboututila.com