I Love…

Heard somebody asking somebody about the things he loves. I didn’t got to hear his answer. But it gave me an idea to explore the things I love in my life. So here, I go with some of my loves…

I love…

1. The 2 men in my life. Can’t live without them. Of course, both of them sometimes would want less interference from me in their lives. But I love doing that coz I love them dearly!

2. My laptop! Among non-living things this will top my list! It’s on stand by mode almost at all hours. I practically eat, drink and sleep with my laptop, [near me, felt the need to clarify ;)]. When tired of working on Excel sheets, PPT or Word and net, it helps me unwind with the FreeCell or Bubble Breaker or other silly games that I have downloaded on it!

3. My Parents. I am happy to say that I am proud of my parents. The way they have brought us (me and my siblings and even my child!) up, their sacrifices for us, there is so much to thank them for!

4. My books. I love books a lot! The mini library that I have is my prized possession. I hate to share it now. I have found that people’s desire to read increases when they see my books and they can’t resist asking me for the same. Good hearted and a very good host that I am, I allow them to take whichever book they want. Of course, with a warning, that it has to be returned back in the same condition. The people, who are book lovers themselves, take care of your books and return back on time as well. But these sudden lovers of books never read them and never return them back. Have lost so many good books to such people over a period of time 🙁

5. My Food Processor. Yeah, even this! Kneading dough was never my forte. How much so ever I tried, I just couldn’t get the water consistency right and it took me ages to make it into one smooth round ball. Had to take help of the maids and sometimes hubby dear, till we found our own FP.

6. Swimming. The best fun exercise to do. Learnt another new stroke today, butterfly! Will take few days to master it though.

7. Clicking Pics. I just love doing it. I believe, the kid has become photogenic all because of my constant commands to ‘smile, look this way, that side, yes that’s better!’

Oh, quite a lot more, but the rest will flow some other time!