Happy Mother’s Bay!

Woke up today to some noise of a box dropping in our baby’s room. Went to check that and was immediately shooed out of the room. “Please go out, I am doing something”, he said. There were crayons and sketch pens all over the table and floor. OK, I said and went to make the morning tea.

After a minute, he comes and asks me the spelling of Treadmill. Both of us exchanged the looks of amusement and wonder.

Then, he comes with something behind his back and shyly gives it to me.

IT WAS A CARD! It read: Happy mother’s bay. (He sometimes gets confused between a ‘b’ and a ‘d’)

On the other side, he had written in his own handwriting.

My mother is best in the world. She cooks very nise food. Her name is Shilpa. She bo (do) swimy very nise. She walk on treadmill on the spead of 5. She is the best in the world. Thank you and Happy Mothers Day to Shilpa Garg. She live in Gandhi Nagar.

How sweet could a child be! He had noted his impressions in a few sentences! Am I touched? No words can capture the love, pride and affection I feel today.

It is indeed a Happy Mother’s Bay!

PS: Bay=cry= exclaimation!