Me an Aunty??

“How many laps do you do in a day, Aunty?” The question was laced with admiration. And it was posed by a 22 year old. So, while the question pleased me, its last part was a bit irritating. (Even the pool assistant out there found it weird!) I mean, me a 37 year old is an aunty to a 25 year old? Hello, give me a break!

I don’t have any hang ups of being called an Aunty by school going kids or teens, it’s almost endearing to hear this from them. But I certainly have issues if adults do so. It’s not just vanity. It’s just not right and sometimes pretty embarrassing too.

Aunty suggests somebody who is at least a whole generation older than you. I would reserve the word Aunties or Uncles for people who are my parents’ age.

Addressing somebody older by her first name, or Ma’m or even a Didi (in Indian context) is much acceptable and surely will never exasperate anybody.

I know, some of you would be unfazed by all this ‘Aunty’ and ‘Uncle’ business, but there are many out there like me who are certainly peeved at this!

I suggest that people use these words with prudence.