Whose exam is it?

Its exam time for the little one! No, not the final exams, but CCE-I (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) for the new session. He is in class III, oops! its class III-E as he would have told you. People say, exam time is very stressful for kids! Not my kid! Coz it’s not his exams, but mine!

It gave me goose bumps, to see his Q&A in Computers. Sample these 2 questions:
Q 1: What is a Computer System?
A1: A Computer can be defined as a machine that is used to generate information from data.

Q2: What is a System Software?
A2: System Software controls and manages the overall activities of a computer system. Eg. Operating System.

All the Bold words were new to him and likewise there were 6 more questions! ‘How will he remember so many new words and their spellings,’ were my doubts. But he amazed me by learning all of them without much hassle, but just got stuck on a ‘Notepad’! Notepad is a type of software for him. Repeated explanations were futile! At last, I left it at that, with a prayer!

The other day was his English exam. So the day before, we (he and me!) tried to learn the 2 chapters and some grammar lessons. Next morning while he was getting ready, I told him, “Baby, write neatly and write the answers correctly”. It was a silly thing to say (the latter part, I mean), I knew it, but guess mothers can’t help themselves! And the coolest reply from him was, “Which exam do I have today?”

I was in a dilemma: to laugh or fume at this!

KG, you know my best half, keeps telling me to take it easy as he is just a 7 year old and is too young to understand the worldly matters of Exams, Marks or Grades. I agree.

On a more serious note, while it’s all right to want the best for your child, it’s important not to make your goals and apprehensions his. Parents should be involved in their children’s education; however, parent involvement doesn’t permit them to act as “tyrant parents” who have unreasonable expectations from their children and thereby unknowingly hindering the studies, growth and development and in so doing the confidence of the children. Parents should provide an environment that is conducive to learn and achieve academic success in the form of schedules, encouragement, some rules and restrictions. Academic success should not be the most important goal, but making them better human beings should be!

Good Luck to all of us then!