Happy Father’s Day!

{Sorry Guys! This post is for June 21, 2009! I was misinformed!! :p }

Today is ‘Happy Father’s Day’!

Its a perfect day, to pick threads of wisdom I have learnt (and still learning!) from My Papa.

DSC012051. Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life. In my childhood and adolescent years I was a loner, happy to be in the company of books and self! It was my father who pushed me to explore the wonderful world of Friends.

2. Eat healthy food for a healthy lifestyle. Food plays a major role in how you perform during the day! I know, how I feel the whole day long when I skip my breakfast (which is usually actually!)

3. Set your priorities right! Being able to set priorities is the key to getting organized and making the most of your time. And thus no work of mine starts without a LIST!

Its a perfect day to also assess what Our Child is learning from His Father!DSC01799

1. When you have friends..you have everything! Yes, everything…fun, laughter, smiles, contentment and of course PARTIES! So if once in a ODD while, we’d like to spend a quiet weekend, Aaryan would find it MAHA-ODD that no one’s coming over for lunch or dinner!

2. Eat Healthy-Eat Fresh ! Sure, we (baby and he) got a Healthy Chicken and the Mutton looks very fresh!! Grrrrr….

3. Prioritize! Its very important in life. And the priorities are 1. Fun…. 2. Fun…. 3. Fun…10. Fun….100. Fun!

Like father, like son was coined only after meeting Kshitij Garg and Aaryan Garg!

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