A Happy Homemaker NOW!

“What do you do?”, asked an acquaintance at a gathering.
“I am a homemaker now”, said I.

“Now????”, was the next question.
“I quit professional world after 11 rich rewarding years and 2 years of part-time job as a faculty and am now at home since the last couple of years to take care of my baby”, I gave a detailed explanation!
“You must be missing your professional world? What do you do whole day long? Don’t you find life boring at home??…..” , the questions kept coming like boomerangs!

Well, my question is..Did you choose freely to stay at home or were you pushed into this role?
In any case, it’s all about priorities…Your Priorities in Your Life!

For me, bringing up my child was more important than my career. Being in a nuclear family, I knew that no one would be able to take care of my baby the way I would. Because bringing up a child is a Herculean task. Supporting your child’s physical, intellectual, and emotional development is not so simple.
So, I willingly gave up my career for my child. (Sure, I had my husband’s 100% 110% moral, physical and financial support!) And I have no regrets at all.

Life boring for homemakers? Think again!! The new generation of homemakers are busy people and are are no longer restricted to household chores. Hobby classes, Gyms, personal trainers, social clubs, charitable services, reading and of course blogging are an integral part of their packed diaries!

Of course, I know women for whom the loss of professional identity meant a loss of self confidence.

Remember the poem…If you think you’re beaten, you are, If you think you dare not, you don’t ….Success begins with a person’s will, It’s all in the state of mind’.
So listen you all homemakers…

  1. If there’s a need to change your monotonous routine in order to make your life a bit enjoyable…DO IT! Life will slip by fast enough so relax and have some fun.
  2. Just as you encourage your children to try new things, you too experiment and learn something new.
  3. Be in charge and don’t let anyone boss you around into their personal servant. Everyone in the family has to help and you are not to take over just because it’s easier than arguing with them.
  4. Take pride in what you do, and who you are BECAUSE Home is woman’s world, as well as her empire”

I know that I am a happy homemaker!! And You??
Image Courtesy: Google Images