A Father’s Day!

Today is Father’s Day. An idea has struck me like a bolt of lightening… Let me ask KG to share with us the “5 things he loves being a Dad”.

Its a herculean task…separating KG from his Star Movies, HBO, PIX, Zee Studio et all on a Sunday afternoon is like Fevicol.. (Yeh jod tutega nahi!!). But I am a good PEST, so got his 10 minutes of undivided attention.

So here we go, as KG tells us about the things he loves being a father to Aaryan!

Dad and Me are Too Close Sep 08 057

Father Son Duo…Then and Now

  1. Learning Experiences: My favorite part of being a father is watching Aaryan grow and learn. I love being a witness to some of his new lessons and discoveries. Seeing him work with Abacus amazes me and his under water swimming fills me with pride and joy!
  2. Our Daily Rituals: Each night when I get home from work, he rushes to hide somewhere, and the first thing I need to do is…Find Him! It’s fun to find him from his new hiding places. And if ever, I get delayed in discovering him from his hideout, he’d make funny voices to attract attention. No matter how bad a day I’ve had, his reception always makes me feel better.
  3. Watching TV Together: It gives me immense pride that we share our love for Discovery and National Geographic channels. This gives us many opportunities for conversation, discussion of values (which is so very important….as per Shilpa), bonding and closeness.
  4. Our Mock Physical Fights: I love these, coz he loves them immensely.
  5. Teach the Things I Know : A simple paper airplane, tips with the bat and a ball or even being self reliant. I am just waiting for him to grow a bit so that I can help him explore the magic of cooking! Its fun to see myself in him.

Wow! That was sweet and I loved interviewing KG!

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