Some Questions??

Why do we….questions1219

  • Talk to our pets especially dogs in English?
  • Crave for what’s bad for us? Cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, ice-cream…
  • Get some songs stuck in our head?
  • Keep making the same mistakes?
  • Dwell on the past, when we can create our future?
  • Call everyone driving faster than us an idiot and everyone driving slower than us a moron?
  • We press the start button to turn off the computer?
  • Constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?
  • Say we’re head over heels when we’re happy or in love? Isn’t that the way we normally are?
  • Talk about our kids incessantly with our friends? Aren’t we boring everyone to death with our non-stop kid-related chatter?
  • Never say “it’s only a game” when we are winning?
  • Put a towel in the dirty clothes basket when after a shower we are clean?


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