A Weary Hairy Tale!

The 2 men in our home have unique hair.

Dennis_the menaceThe senior has hair (silky, actually) on which you can’t have any fringe…right side fringe, left or centre and they will all fall on his forehead, and has some spikes of hair (in the centre) which will stick out like Dennis the menace. So, when these tresses get long, you know what happens?? Hey! Don’t get any ideas, he is very Smart & Handsome!

The junior has hair which is …urgh just difficult!

So what to do, when one (rather two) has weird hair.

  • Take care of them.
  • Cut them at regular intervals.

Right? While these 2 male of the species take good care of their head of hair by finishing all the shampoos and conditioners at a breakneck speed, getting them cut is BIG WOE for them.

Why?? Well, just like that!

Since, I want both my men to look smart and handsome always (they are though…even with a mop of unruly hair! And me expecting that is not out of the ordinary!!), so I feel, it is my prerogative to shoo request them to meet the barber hair stylist every month. (Coz, they would never go to one on their own, much to the chagrin, irritation of…. you know who!!!!!!!)

And guess what ensues, even on a mere mention of a hair cut….outright silly arguments, sulking sprees, kiddish tantrums, and a variety of reactions which can range from being agitated, to annoyed, angry, bitter, crabby, crampy, disgusted, flabbergasted, fed-up, irritated, pissed-off, ranty, sarcastic and even wordy!!

All this is because of a word “Hair Cut”!! 12 years and the reactions are Just The Same!! And the junior is proving the adage “like father, like son” true!

So a subtle hint, a gentle reminder, to Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed of Mahabharata all result in the same look, same demeanor!

Of course, they do go for a haircut Every Month, but this monthly ritual is not complete without the ‘mandatory tantrums’.

And the finale to this ordeal?? Admiring self in the every mirror from every possible angle, every 2 5 minutes!!


PS: Shouldn’t somebody be pulling her hair out at this?????

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