Disclaimer: This post might be a bit depressing. Please read at your own risk!

I have rejected at least 5 ideas (my own, of course!) for today’s blog post.

Deleted two 50-100 words draft posts. hopetree

Thought a hot cup of tea would perk me up! Alas, it failed in its mission too!

Am I suffering from mental fatigue? writing fatigue? physical fatigue?? I guess its all. *SIGH*

I’m stuck! I’ve been sitting in front of my laptop for the last few hours and have come up with NOTHING!

I think the uppermost thing on my mind today, is my Blog Template, which is not shaping up at all. The HTML codes are confusing me to the hilt.

I sought some professional help, no it was not the shrink! (Though KG thinks I need one, coz of my fixation with my laptop!!) Oh yeah… coming back… the professional help was most unhelpful.

And pestering KG, resulted in a telecon with a professional from Chandigarh!! My bad luck is so bad that even the Remote Assistance failed!

So here I am, with a heavy heart and an empty brain! But with a hope that Tomorrow will be BETTER than Today!!

Image Courtesy: www.chsd.org/hope

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