Samay Se Pehle…

Samay se pehle aur bhagya se jyada kisi ko kuch nahin milta! (Nobody gets before time and more than his fate. There is a suitable time for everything to happen.)

These are the words of wisdom one sees at the backside of the trucks and is the first thought that struck me today, first thing in the morning!

Gosh, its getting deadly, my blog has taken over my life!! And symptom no. 9 of “I am Addicted” is coming true too, since a couple of days, KG is giving me weird looks, he surely suspects that I am having an affair with my blog! Will have to sort this sooner than I thought!!!!

Ok, coming back to Samay se pehle…. see, what I mean is, since the last week I have been a woman with a mission! And the mission? To change the template of my blog. (For the uninitiated: The main blog template is to a blog what the dance floor is to a nightclub…its where all the action happens!) So here is the dhobhi list of things I did to accomplish this mission:

  1. I must have used up nearly 80% 85% of the time I spend with my ‘Tech Soulmate’ (read laptop!) in searching, downloading, then uploading the new template designs for my blog. Thereby crossing my BSNL Broadband Free Download/Upload Limit (in GB) per month, and in so doing increasing the monthly bill to manifolds!
  2. I met a website designer. Designing a blog template was an alien job to him, and was thus charging an equally alien amount for the simple service!
  3. I spoke to a Graphic Designer from Chandigarh. I guess my non-stop gibberish mumbo jumbo must have overwhelmed him.
  4. Read loads of tips/tutorials/suggestions on ‘Changing a Template’, but alas they were not able to tackle the unique queries I had!
  5. Posed a query on Indiblogger Forum. A couple of fellow bloggers took some time off to give their suggestions but sadly…

Therefore, I guess the time to change my blog template has still not come!

And thus promptly restored all the widgets in the morning!

So guys, take pleasure in the gratification of the senses or of the mind; experience agreeable sensations or emotions; get pleasure from the excitement; relish the happiness produced by the expectation and the enjoyment of something good, delightful, & satisfying, in simple word, ENJOY your stay at the same old fun and lively but renovated “A rose is a rose is a rose!”

Cheers 🙂

By the way…I know changing a template is so easy that even an infant can do it!

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